US guards with guns to patrol British airports for the first time under controversial new plans being discussed by London and Washington

Gun-toting US border guards with the power to search holidaymakers will be stationed at British airports for the first time, under controversial plans being discussed by Washington and London.

The US Department of Homeland Security wants to introduce the scheme at airports worldwide, including Heathrow and Manchester, to reduce the risk of Islamic State terrorists flying to America.

  • A smokescreen for busy-bodies and privacy-invaders.

    Everyone knows what to do to stop terrorism.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump would block them altogether, saving the taxpayers lots of money.

  • Zaba

    US Guards With Guns
    What could go wrong?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      As long as they have diplomatic immunity, nothing.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Nailed it. 😉

    • Justin St.Denis

      Hopefully, when you provoke them, they’ll take you out. We’d all benefit from there being one less anti-American Canadian.

  • Brett_McS

    They can make sure that the 92 year old great grandmothers, the handicapped and 2 year old children that the British airport security services – inexplicably – miss get the full treatment.

  • Repression of the general public, privacy concerns, and sovereignty violations are ten times worse under Obama than they were under Bush. For one simple reason: Obama refuses to “profile” the particular individuals or groups where terrorism is likely to occur. Instead, Obama profiles EVERYBODY (often deliberately omitting the real culprits).

    Can you imagine if Eliot Ness — when Al Capone had a choke hold on Italian immigrants — refused to fight the Mafia in the Italian community back in the “dirty ’30’s” because he didn’t want to “profile” Italians? The fact is today there are probably more Italians in law enforcement than any other ethnicity — many of them Police Chiefs. It had a positive outcome. So where’s the “Italophobia”? People are usually delighted when I tell them my dad was a WOP.

  • Scotch_Pine

    Yeah, profile everyone and check all the flights in the world but leave the back door to the U.S. wide open by refusing to put up a southern wall.

  • V10_Rob

    I’m a little surprised at the general drift of the Brits’ comments. Leaving aside all the ‘Damn Yanks’ grumbling, I’d have thought the whole implication that the UK is so ****ing inept that they need a foreign power to secure their tiny borders would be the most outrageous aspect.

    • mobuyus

      The Americans do not seem to trust some of the folk that the English have been a little too trusting of lately and would rather these folk don’t get on airplanes and travel to where they are not supposed to be and have no right to be. I am pretty sure that the armed agents will be profiling only for terrorists, this works for Israel. Better to stop them at British airports than on American soil. Better still if the British had stopped them from installing their death cult in England in the first place.

      • V10_Rob

        Do the UK airport security even carry guns themselves? I’d not be surprised if they didn’t, considering the extent to which the Brits have tried to neuter themselves.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Tried to neuter themselves? ROFLMAO

          It is somewhat revealing that the rate of erectile dysfunction is significantly higher in GB than the USA.

          Try wasting your money and have a holiday in GB. You will return hoping the Brits kill themselves off faster than they already are. Plus, the freedom deficit in Britain will positively SHOCK the average American, and maybe even upset a Canadian or two.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The U.K. must be infinitely worse than any of us have dreamed for this idea to have even been mentioned.
    They are so screwed!

    • It is odd.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        You Canadians have a beautiful gift for the understatement. 😉
        Odd works.
        Armed American federal police with DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY operating on UK soil is a bit peculiar, yes that is true.

        One of my own personal thought experiments was what would happen to the local crime rate if the worst part of London were ceded to the State of Texas with suddenly all Texas laws and punishments were to be meted out by several hundred deputized Texas Rangers?

        • Can you imagine what would happen if a Muslim grabbed an American Marine in uniform and publicly beheaded him on the street in a city in Texas, they way they did with a British soldier in London a couple years back? Not only that, but they made a video of the beheading and used it to taunt the Brits.

          Texas Sheriffs, Judges, they’re all elected — their responsibility is to their constituents, not to political masters in Washington. They can write their own laws. I think we’re talking about a public hanging at least. Followed by “accidental” fires burning down every Mosque across the State. The Fire Marshals’ findings? None of the Mosques met fire safety standards — must be a “cultural miscommunication” thing.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Actually, I think an event like that would galvanize the American public even more than 9/11.
            I believe there would be massive mob retaliation that would be very hard to turn off.

          • Here’s the British reaction, “pip pip, cheerio, have a cup of tea” and all that (the vid was apparently removed):


          • Justin St.Denis

            Brits, like Swedes, are hankering to DIE sooner rather than later. Leave them to it.

            All my Brit relatives have emigrated to Australia, the USA, Canada etc. Those left in GB are largely ignored by the rest of the family since they tend to bellyache about Britain and how awful it is to live there.

          • Gary

            Texas cut a deal to join the Union and they can break away when they want if King Obama keeps this up .
            Texans didn’t fight and die to hold their ground just so muslims can show up to claim it for allah.
            Since CAIR coaches muslims to avoid helping the FBI catch their terrorist brothers, I can’t see why non-muslims shouldn’t have the same right to not help find the people torching mosques .
            After all, Muslims will torch a church with Christians in it as a favour to allah, so muslims should just STFU when a mosque is only vandalized which is often done by msulims them self for sympathy after every jihad slaughter.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I am growing tired of muslims vandalizing their own mosques when empty. Some patriot needs to evaporate one when it is full. Just saying what most of us are thinking…..

        • Gary

          I guess you’ve never been in Down Town Toronto where US Customs Offices are near the Bus depot because those Guards and Staff have Guns. Now that we let in the Jihadists it will only get worse and not shock me if the Borders become guarded and fences go up thanks to islams Peace .
          Canada and US caught on to the refugee scams at our Borders and will have Border Guards on both sides to filter out those with no ID that used to cross the Bridge by foot to make a claim in Canada once on our soil.

          Now you will be vetted prior to the Bridge at Niagara Falls or Fort Erie and refused entry to Canada right there on US soil which may stop the 1000 American’s a year that make refugees claims for our FREE health care and welfare.
          Plus, for those that paid $10,000.00 to be smuggle into the USA and up to canada to get welfare 4 life …too bad, so sad. Go talk to the people that scammed you.

    • Scotch_Pine

      According to the article the US wants to implement this in airports all over the world, not just the UK. Heathrow was probably the easiest to get started, as arrangements are made to include other countries. I still don’t understand though why securing the physical borders wouldn’t be a priority first.

      • Blacksmith

        Amen to that one. I do understand trying to keep them from coming here but the southern highway is letting in many more than this will stop. We need to stop ALL immigration until we are secure, it will not happen but it should.

    • Minicapt

      Looks like they’d be doing what they cannot do in the US, which is odd.


  • Everyone Else

    The US government has had armed guards for decades in major Canadian airports to prescreen travelers to the USA.

    • Gary

      Thanks to liberalism our Schools will be next for Armed Police .
      Back in 1972 a classmate from Chicago that had a parent now working in Toronto had told me about the gun problem in High Schools which I thought was a joke.
      For over 40 years Liberals keep clinging to the fantasy World perception of Toronto that those Welfare and Gun problem from the USA cities won’t happen here because Toronto is safe and Canadian aren’t like that .
      Sorry folks , the Canadians that obeyed the Laws and had a Work-ethic and dying off as we import the gangs and gun Cultures plus their children now embrace the Welfare Industrial Complex as they assume we have FREE Health Care unfair Laws because it’s 2015 .

      Justin thinks it’s fine to have Cops, Surgeons, Pilots, EMS , Bus operators , Fire Fighters and Crane Operators legally smoking Pot because it’s harmless and help them do their jobs much better as professed by pro-addiction Pot supporters.
      One Pot user and advocate boasted how he has been using Pot at least twice a week for over 15 years and isn’t addicted .
      Right, so at which point in time is he addicted? 20 years, 35 years? 50???
      I know , he can quit at any time but chooses not to just like your Drunk relative that can’t hold down a job.

  • mauser 98

    a hoax..or insanity.. the cost? board them at Buck House.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The only people Obama wants to keep out are mideastern Christians and of course, Jews.

  • B__2

    If this report is true, then it says something about the trustworthiness of British airport security: either they are grossly incompetent and cannot be improved, or they are simply untrustworthy. If untrustworthy, it must be due to having been infiltrated by those who are the danger, or have been compromised by these people.

    Are there so many employees working in the airport that are known to be security risks, or many that the authorities are unable to discover if they are or not because of a fear of being accused of profiling? Has British security been infiltrated by those wanting to do the Western world harm?

    We do know that in British Rotherham up to 1400 girls were sexually exploited by muslim men and nothing was done because people feared being labeled racist if they spoke out about what they knew. Does the British government fear a reluctance to act by British security for the same reasons mean that American security is required?