Self described communist losers with women stage anti-Christmas rally in Tokyo

TOKYO (AFP) – Anti-Christmas protesters calling themselves “Losers with Women” marched through Tokyo s streets Saturday, bashing the upcoming holiday as a capitalist ploy that also discriminates against singletons.

The group of about 20 — part of the Communist-inspired group that routinely protests Western holidays — marched under angry banners that read “Smash Christmas!” in Tokyo s Shibuya district, where couples and families strolled for holiday shopping.

The scrooges — mostly single men — said they were against capitalism and were opposed to the commercialisation of Christmas.

“In this world, money is extracted from people in love, and happy people support capitalism,” said the head of the organisation, formally called Kakumeiteki Hi-mote Domei, or the Revolutionary Losers League.

“Christmas is the most symbolic event for this,” he added.

  • Nag, nag, nag.

  • Jay Currie

    My favourite Christmas in Japan story is that a department store put up Santa on the Cross as a Christmas display.


  • Minicapt

    … not American college students?


  • DD_Austin

    I’ve heard the same “commerialization” argument here from religious folk,
    it’s harmless
    So there is 20 harmless nutjobs in Japan who say the same, big deal

    We got more flea bitten nutjobs than that in downtown Kitchener,
    and surprise, they feel the same way

    Christmas is too commerical
    and you should give them a dollar

  • DMB

    They should just do what most other single Japanese men do and stick with having sex with robot sex dolls.

  • B__2

    So their problem is people willingly exchanging their money for items that are then simply given to other people?

    I guess these communists support people being forced to hand over their money and possessions to the State where intelligent, refined people (i.e. these communist agitators) will spend their money on gifts for the politically correct (i.e. these ruling communists) in reward for them having the intellect and refinement to make these distribution decisions for the masses of taxpayers. Just like the communist elite have done in every communist country ever. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – George Orwell

  • Exile1981

    Actually i think they should be called “loosers without women” as it would be more honest.