ISIS Leader Does Not Rule All Muslims, Pakistan Taliban Asserts

DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan (Reuters) – Pakistan’s Taliban have rejected Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s claim to be the global leader of all Muslims, the movement said in a statement seen by Reuters on Saturday.

The Pakistani Taliban’s statement comes after a similar rejection by the Afghan Taliban following pledges of allegiance from low-level commanders of both Islamist movements to the Middle East-based Islamic State (ISIS).

Last year, ISIS, an Al-Qaeda offshoot, proclaimed its leader as “caliph”—the head of the state. Al-Baghdadi aspires to establish a global caliphate with himself at its head.

  • Gary

    Justin doesn’t know that we still have the pro-taliban Afghanistan muslims in the East end of Toronto on the Danforth that had cheered the Taliban prior to 9/11/01.
    Remember Taliban-Jack? He won the pro-taliban votes and got his MP seat from a Liberal when THEY supported the Taliban.

    Devout quran reading Anti-west jew-haters rarely change once in Canada no matter how many Teddy bear and Flower vigils after each jihad slaughter .
    Countering muslim terrorism and islamism by bringing in 40,000+ islamist refugees is insane and just assures us a Subway bombing in the near future.
    The Toronto-18 muslims were born and still wanted to kill us as a favour to allah.

    • A dear family member of mine almost went to Afghanistan to do humanitarian work, convinced that it was safe under the Taliban by the likes of Layton. I said to her, “The Taliban are not nice people. But you go ahead, and if anything happens to you I could never get over the grief. I will personally shoot Jack Layton in the head — I don’t care if I spend the rest of my life in jail”. She decided not to go.

  • “ISIS Leader Does Not Rule All Muslims, Pakistan Taliban Asserts”

    Now that’s reassuring. Instead getting beheaded by ISIS, you can go back to getting beheaded by the Taliban. Phew, almost dodged a bullet there!

    • canminuteman

      If we were still smart like we were in the old days we would use this as an opportuity to stir the shit between these two groups and get them to kill each other for us.

      • The tactic certainly worked with the “***** war” (classified). 😉

        Actually with Islamists you don’t have to incite them do that — the “religion of peace” is reason enough for Muslims to massacre one another. Heck, every year at Mecca during the Hajj hundreds, and sometimes thousands are killed, purely by virtue of the fanaticism.

  • Barrington Minge

    Bearded retard with his head in the clouds. Someone off him…please!!!