Federal judge rebukes Hamas-linked terror org CAIR

“CAIR is in trouble not only with its few surviving claims, but also with the possibility of a public trial that will most certainly expose CAIR for what it is – a subversive Islamist front group.” This trial will be most interesting — hence Hamas-linked CAIR’s desperate attempts to stave it off.

  • Blacksmith

    I doubt it will go anywhere with the muzz in the white hut and his muzz bro connected advisers and admin.

    • Justin St.Denis

      The wheels of jurisprudence move very slowly. By the time this case wraps, Donald Trump will be POTUS. CAIR should be shitting itself right about now.

      • Exile1981

        If the case is successful it means anytime the media allow CAIR air time Donald can have them charged with aiding terrorists.

        • CAIR and the mullah mosque infrastructure in the US should be prosecuted under the RICO statutes by the Department of Justice.

          • Exile1981

            not until the department of injustice is stripped of the obama appointies and remade into a department of justice again.

  • Solo712

    Help me out here, will you ? If CAIR is a bona fide organization of American Muslims, why do these Americans need “relations” with “America” ?

    • Because they are so f*cking special. You know. They believe the child pedophile, Muhammad, was a prophet.

      • Gary

        Even though he never made even 1 prophecy , muslims call him a prophet.
        Mo hijacked most of the good stuff from the Jews and Christians to pawn off on the ignorant masses that he scammed by fooling them as if god told home these things.
        Muslims will often cite a verse from the Torah which is in the quran and is a verse of Peace and respect for human life . But these taqiyyah weasels never tell the CBC or STAR they stole it from the Jews. They also tell the CBC that Jesus in mentioned in the quran , but don’t say that he’s cursed by muslims when Christians call him the Messiah because muslims see muhammad as the true Prophet and last one where islam is the way and if you doubt it’s peaceful we’ll kill you.

    • Exactly. It would be like American Catholics instituting some sort of political entity to advocate for theocratic subservience to Rome and the Papacy. Muslims do not realize that theocratic dictatorships were abandoned in the West centuries ago — it’s called “separation of Church and State”. Rome does not control secular society any more, and neither should Mecca.

      Muslims are possibly the most politically backward culture group in America — surpassing all other minorities in terms of pure ignorance. And the political Left wants to keep them that way — the same way the Left has kept blacks and other minorities as a perpetual underclass by indoctrinating them into a “slave” mentality centuries after that system is in fact defunct. CAIR is not only a puppet of Hamas, but in America it is equally a puppet of the fascist Marxist atheist left. The motto of the American-based organization should be: “In the service of Allah and Karl Marx”: “Peace be upon the Prophet Karl”.

    • Good point. It’s one more indication that they wish to be treated separately and accorded special privilege.

      They have no wish to integrate.

      • Gary

        The saudi’s want CAIR to be the Embassy when they Hillary gives muslims an islamic State in the USA .
        The United Saudi’s of America.

      • Compare that with the peace-loving Hutterites — they do not wish to assimilate where their religious beliefs are concerned, nevertheless they have found a way to integrate. Yet they eschew “special privilege” from Government. They have found that delicate balance without compromising their religious beliefs.

        With Muslims it’s the opposite — intimidation and violence is the name of the game. Supremacy or else. Special Government privilege all the way. In the West they are puppets of the Marxist Left. Islam should not even be considered a religion anymore — its a fascist political system.

        • V10_Rob

          Do you mean to tell me there’s no crisis of racist Canadians afflicted with Hutterophobia? What about Buddhophobia? Or Sikhophobia or Hindophobia?

          How’d that happen?

  • JoKeR
  • mobuyus

    islam is un-American!

    • Yo Mama

      Islam is anti-everything that is not Islam.

  • Gary

    Since 9/11/01 the CBC used CAIR and Sheema Khan as the voice for Moderate peaceful islam. Khan jumped ship from CAIR fater it was exposed for Funding HAMAS . The CBC has never brought her back to grill over the way she failed to reveal that her org. had 5 members convicted in a Court for terrorism links while it was also Funding hamas as she sat their in the Studio saying CAIR spoke for the Muslims in Canada.

    CAIR , in Florida , gives out leaflets like the ones below which ask muslims to avoid helping the FBI.
    Obama knows about these and so does Jeb Bush , the CBC knows about the Leaflets handed out in Canada and that the CAF under Justin’s Saudi buddy Omar posted the PDF version asking Arabs to not help the RCMP and CSIS.

    40,000+ pro-sharia muslims coming in from Syria that are devout and use the same qurans as ISIS and Hamas which order muslims to claim any land for allah’s Caliphate when they are the Majority.
    Justin is worse than Obama and he won’t have is Colour to use as a shield in the next Election . His only hope will be to drive up the Debt another $50 billion to pay off Public Unions and spread sharia law for the Muslims votes on top of
    the usual pay increase for Welfare coverage to refugees plus Grants for the ARTS .