Environmentalists Are Twisting Religion to Fight Climate Change

Faith leaders are preaching on sin, repentance, and redemption — but with a new twist. Their congregations’ wickedness doesn’t spring from envy, sloth, or lust, but from an insatiable desire for cheap electricity.

  • Martin B

    If cheap electricity is a mortal sin, why aren’t these preachers preaching to the tsetse flies in some grass hut in Tanzania? No sinful electricity there.

  • Ed

    Too late. These flavour of the day religions have been preaching to empty pews for an awfully long time. If given a choice between “faith of my fathers” and “faith in Suzuki…”

    • Minicapt

      … a Suzuki Brat?


  • It’s the same old 19th Century Marxism in a different package. It used to be “Workers of the world unite” to destroy evil capitalist industrialization. Until the workers actually got quite wealthy from evil capitalist industrialization.

    In the non-industrialized Third World it was “Religion is the opiate of the people”, and Marxist Liberation Theology hijacked Christianity to fight evil capitalist industrialization. Until the people who were already dirt poor got even poorer.

    Round three is a global Marxist solution — fight Global Warming! Destroy evil capitalist industrialization in the West, transfer the wealth to the developing world, and when the money runs out we can all be poor together as we pay for our sins against the climate in perpetual purgatory. Except for Al Gore, Al Queda, ISIS, et al (Islam is already “anti-capitalist” by nature — Islam does not believe in lending or borrowing at interest, the latter of which is the basis of capitalism. Hence, Islam will be exempt).

  • V10_Rob

    Said it before. The left despises and ridicules religion until they find a way to hijack it. The self-proclaimed champions of science over mysticism now want us to literally accept their lunacy on faith, because God says we’ll burn in hell if we question or oppose them.