Trump and the Hazards of Muslim Immigration

Donald Trump’s December 7 call for at least a temporary halt to all Muslim immigration to the United States reinforced his position as the presidential candidate most willing to ignore the stifling restrictions limiting American political discourse to boundaries set by the Left. His proposal also aligned Trump with the thinking of an enormous segment of the American public … including and especially a large majority of likely Republican primary voters.

  • Dana Garcia

    How about ZERO Muslim immigrants period forever?

    What benefit is there for western people to admit them? Felafel? Polygamy? Skill with swords?

    If there is a single benefit for us, the citizens, I cannot think of it.

    • Beats me.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Smelly and violent taxi drivers?
      That seems to be something the west can’t produce enough of!

  • kkruger71

    My problem with Trump is I really don’t think he believes any of this. All these things he is saying seem to be pretty much on the fly and run counter to anything he has said in the past. I have no idea what the end game is here, but I don’t trust it.

    • I prefer people, willing to take in new material and change opinion when appropriate.

      Before 9/11 I had little to say about Islam. My understanding of Islam has grown. I am no longer silent on the issue.

      Thank Trump for being bold in the face of a massive PC culture of intimidation.

      Donald gets my vote for one reason. He speaks his mind.

      The PC progressive crowd can cry when they lose at the polls.

      • kkruger71

        I agree with all of your points (willing to change, glad someone is saying these things, etc), except I really don’t believe Trump is speaking his mind. I don’t believe this is what he really thinks, more that he is playing a character and saying what he thinks the people that are supporting him want him to say.

        • Minicapt

          He’s a ‘New York City real estate dealer’, similar to a ‘trustworthy politician’.


    • Dana Garcia

      Trump clearly cares an issue important to me — crime victims of illegal aliens. Jamiel Shaw (whose son was murdered by an illegal alien gangster who was released rather than deported) appeared with Trump when he spoke in Mesa AZ the other day. Trump also had a group of crime victim families speak with him in November. The government won’t even deport the worst, most dangerous aliens.

  • African

    Is “Jihadwatch” webiste blocked in the Toronto city libraries?
    I could not access it now for about a week.

  • terrence

    I happened to be listening to CBC radio the other evening – the crap they were spewing about Trump was disgusting, and ENTIRELY WRONG; they COMPLETELY DISTORTED what he said. But you can not expect the truth from the Communist Brainwashing Collective.