The End of Our Days?

I had coffee today with a fellow baby boomer and we were bemoaning the state of our times. It is in our nature to often think the worst of things, that the world is in chaos and that things are headed in the wrong direction and even that the end times are upon us. We are always trying to seek a way back to a simpler time, when things were better, safer. We yearn for yesterday. Thus the powerful allure of nostalgia. We always remind ourselves to guard against the sky is falling, doomsday predictions, as difficult as that may be.

It is hard to deny, however, that the world has turned. In the immediate aftermath of Paris and San Bernardino, with the rise of Islamic terror not seen in the Western world since the Ottomans were besieging Vienna at the end of the 17th Century, all perspectives have changed. Unease has fallen over us.

  • There are numerous theories that predict the collapse of successful societies. And part of the the present Western malaise revolves around these theories.

    But the real wild card is Islam.

    Islamic theology is a social pathology. And to make matters worse, it is both contagious and virulent. As it slowly poisons and kills the societies it invades it destroys the original indigenous culture.

    Intellectually sleepy, fat and happy, Western Civilization might be able to pull itself out of the theoretical collapse it is heading towards. But with the Islamic social pathology making way too many advances, the long term prognosis does not look good.

    Time is running out, fast.

    • Will Quest

      The crazed millennials indifferent to their heritage will slide off the cliff into the islamic abyss, watching hilarious cat videos !

      • Reader

        What have you got against cat videos?

        • Blacksmith

          Silly cat video’s keep me sane, it reminds me not ALL is lost yet.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Cats are reassuringly sane, aren’t they? 😉

        • Will Quest

          Thanks for sharing that Cat-video loved it !

  • Brett_McS

    In accordance with the apocryphal “the Chinese symbol for crisis means danger and opportunity” the crisis of Islam may well be the moderate danger that reignites the western spirit, providing the opportunity for widespread re-discovery of western principles of liberty and the rejection of the more dangerous (and even stupider) influence of the nihilist left.

    To remain healthy a body needs a certain amount of irritation from parasites and mild infections in order to keep its immune system tuned up. Think of Islam as a parasitic infection of such a kind. It’s not a stretch.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Ergo my comment about political violence in Canada.

  • Everyone Else

    Old farts think the world is collapsing just because they are.

    • infedel

      No. Our Children are not ready to carry the torch of Freedom. Marxist infiltration and parental beating by the left.

    • Justin St.Denis

      The jury is out on you. Are you a hole full of arse, or an arse full of hole? Please inform.

    • BradThomas

      There is some evidence that humans, when they are young (say, in their 20s) tend to be physically (as in the brain signaling danger is more easily ignored at this period in our lives) risk takers in comparison to their somewhat older counterparts. This is the time when people attempt to accumulate wealth, power, possessions and, most importantly from an evolutionary standpoint, a mate(s) and offspring. So erring on the incautious side at this stage of life tends to benefit the species as a whole (though individuals suffer from the consequences of their sometimes poor decisions and risk-taking).

      As humans age, they gain wisdom in the sense that they simply have had a broader range of experiences than they had in their younger years, but also because the physical impetus to pass on their genes (and if necessary, engage in risky behaviour to achieve this) is reduced. Therefore, they *can* in fact, perceive certain aspects of the world and life in general, more clearly than they could when they were younger. Old farts or not.

      • Everyone Else

        When young we worry too little, when old we worry too much.

  • Jay Currie

    I can do the boomer doom thing; but I don’t.

    The entire liberal enterprise is up on the rocks. From Obamacare to windmills, reality is making mock.

    It will take a while and, sadly, several more deaths. But the great unwashed are cluing in. Trump’s run is telling us that. The elites are losing control.

    All will be well, all will be well, all will be very, very well.

    • Reader

      On a cheery note, things might change after the next economic depression, when people realize that global warming is a fraud, that you can’t have a 100% information economy like Gerard Butts, Prime Minister Trudeau’s chief advisor has long advocated for, and that “green energy” is not the claimed panacea but another Y2K scare used to rob the common man of his money through the iron fist of government.

      Then add to a depression, the ever increasing unemployment that most underemployed and unemployed Canadian’s realize is much higher than the government’s numbers, while they try to compete with “temporary” foreign workers and increased immigration, plus “employment equity” putting newcomers to the front of the line for any job openings. Just try to deal with any government office and their many bureaucrats who barely speak English.

      I see tough times a-coming and that the government will only make the situation much worse for the middle-class and those formerly middle-class.

      I hope the public eventually sees through the governments’ and media’s whitewash and that Trudeau and the Liberals wear the stench their policies will wreak for many years to come.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I have my fingers crossed that Canada will begin to see a legacy of political assassinations occur. Canadian political elites have never had to deal with that like their American counterparts. I suspect it is about time…..

    • Blacksmith

      I pray you are right even if I don’t see the rosy picture you do.

  • tom_billesley

    Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

  • canminuteman

    I look at what some of the ol people i k now went through and see where they ended up wonder what they must have thought at the time. My grand parents were children of the depression who went hungry looking for work. My grand father was a fire man during the blitz in Birmingham and didn’t get a decent job until the 1960’s, but still managed to retire to a nice home on the beach in southern Spain. My father was sent to a horrible evil residential school as a kid to get him out of the city while it was being bombed, (actually it was probably a rather nice boarding school and he probably enjoyed his time there, but you know, there is a narrative to maintain). He didn’t make anything of himself until emigrating to Canada in the ’60’s, but he is now 85 and comfortably retired. His uncle graduated from university just as the war started and became a major in the Royal Engineers and spent the war fighting the Japanese in Burma, but had a successful career after the war. My wife’s uncle who is now dead (would be about 100 if still alive spent his youth in the German army, and survived the war after fighting in the infantry from the very beginning. He managed to get an education in post war Germany and had a very successful life in post war Canada.

    My point is all these people ended up OK or better in the end after world events stole big chunks of their lives from them. Throughout all their ordeals they could look to the future from a place of civilization confidence and think that things would eventually get better, while all I can see from here is things getting much worse.

  • johnbrooks3

    We need another WW…

  • Rick McGinnis

    Boo fucking hoo. It happened on your watch, Boomers. You can own this one.