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The Nazi Kid From Brooklyn

“…Meet Arthur Jacobs. He’s the poster boy for “doesn’t fit the narrative.” Not coincidentally, he’s also the poster boy for getting your nads kicked by your own government for eighty years just because you’re of German descent. You know what he isn’t the poster boy for? “White privilege.” Jacobs’ story personifies why the ordeal of interned German-Americans and aliens during World War II was sometimes worse than what the Japanese internees went through.”

6 Strange Christmases

  • simus1

    His name was “Jimmy”.
    As the war clouds grew in the late thirties he was sent back to Italy on a short vacation by his parents to visit with his grandparents and other relatives for the first and likely last time. Stopped from leaving after his visit and drafted into the Italian Army. It was not a picnic for him.

    Postwar. Not allowed to return to the US because he had served in the armed forces of a country that had warred against the US.
    Worked as an interpreter/translator for the US Army in Italy and American construction companies in the Middle East. Eventually wound up in South America.

    Wonder if he ever made it home.