Hijrah, “Jihad by emigration”

Hijrah, “jihad by migration”, is central in Islam. In fact, the Islamic calendar does not date back to the birth of Muhammed, but to his first Hijrah (from Mekka to Medina) in year 622. This is also the event and the date that mark Islam’s transformation into a genocidal, political movement with the aim to destroy all non-Islamic faiths and force all non-Muslims into either converting or slavery (or death).

  • Gary

    And the Hijah is made easier with Dolts like Justin and the Liberal Progressive god-haters .
    Yes…. God-haters , but currently they made a pact with the islamists by their shared-hatred for Jews, Christians and the West .

    Liberals in Ontario have allow jew-hating homophobic Mosques in 2 Public Schools which the HRC approved and it won’t stop there.

    Terrorism works so islamists don’t have to .

    • The Liberals will reap what they sow.

      • terrence

        so will we

  • Forest Rain Marcia

    I have not yet found this documentary with translation to English. It’s enlightening and worth watching. Hopefully someone will be able to do the translation soon. This is a link to Zvi Yechezkeli’s previous documentary “Allah Islam”, made 3 years ago now. The world has changed dramatically since then but it is still very
    relevant. This is what Muslims in Europe have to say about themselves, their
    goals and their culture.

    I strongly urge everyone who cares about freedom and Western values to show this in their communities. Show this in your church, your synagogue, your school. People need to open their eyes to what is happening around the world.

    It is not about Israel or even about Jews. This is about a clash of civilizations. France, Sweden, Belgium, England… the problem is not “over there”, it is on your doorstep. If not today, it will be tomorrow.


  • ontario john

    I’m sure glad the immigration minister flew at great cost to the Middle East today to get more of the good muslims. There must still be some hotel rooms in Toronto that haven’t been booked yet. Eighty million dollars can rent a lot of rooms at the airport.

  • marty_p

    Today’s Toronto Star (and Crescent) – encourages Canadians to download the new “Host a Mo” app where you can host a couch surfing Syrian refugee:


    “We have this opportunity as Canadians to help and we often tell ourselves these stories about how great we are and how much of an open place we are, but I’ve been really quite surprised about the fact that there is even a debate about refugees,” he said.