Canadian Immigration lawyer: “We are asking our border officials to do the impossible”

Guidy Mamann, a prominent Toronto-based immigration lawyer with over 30 years of expertise in immigration law, has acted in numerous high-profile and celebrated cases which have attracted local, national, and international attention and is frequently consulted as an expert by journalists, government, and non-governmental organizations on matters pertaining to immigration law and policy.

Mamann, who has conducted a dozen interviews on TV and radio over the past few weeks about the 25,000 Syrian refugees who are in the process of being airlifted to Canada, doesn’t think that such a large number of refugees can be screened effectively in a few short weeks.

  • pdxnag

    Anyone who publicly identifies as Muslim also publicly provides implied support for the inherent and immutable horrors commanded by Islam. That is all that I need to know, to exclude them all.

    • Nowhere in the world does Islam exist peacefully. Once the population tipping point is reached the violence begins.

  • Shebel

    This vetting and screening for ‘Radical Islamists’ or in other words ‘Devout Muslims’ is all just pure propaganda.

    If all it takes for Muslims to become Radicalised is to watch some videos and quotes from the Quran on a computer or phone—- It really is all rather pointless.

  • Alain

    In complete agreement with the comments here. The only other thing I wish to raise is the insanity of “immigration lawyers”. I have no respect for lawyers in general and even less for so-called immigration lawyers.

  • Gary

    These are the same lawyer’s that have Coached immigrants to make a Refugee claim for instant Citizenship and get Welfare benefits better than Citizens and a Dental Coverage that our Vets can only dream of.
    In juts 1 year , Canada had 15,000 Mexican tourists land in Canada to make a Refugee claim for the Health care and Welfare.
    Harper enforce the Visa requirements on Mexico , but Justin just lifted it and the flood gates are open .
    Close to 75% of the refugees get rejected while the Bill each year runs at aboot $700,000,000.00.
    That means the we are paying close to $500,000,000.00 a year for Tourists that don’t want to leave. John Tory and Wynne don’t give a damn and have made Toronto a Sanctuary City for anyone among the 7,000,000,000 people outside of Canada that can get to Ontario and then Toronto to go right on Welfare and start bitching for more FREE stuff .

    The old Canada is dead , it’s run by traitors and pigs at the trough that spit on the graves of our War dead from WW2 to keep the fascists thugs out of Canada………now they run Canada and the Schools.

  • Justin’s terrorists infantry brigade…