Watch: Allegedly Forged ISIS Video Praises Obama As “One Of The Greatest Backers Of Islam”

The 5-minute, 35-second film shows a group of masked fighters dressed in camouflage battle gear carrying a black ISIS flag. The upper right-hand corner of the video bears the logo of the Al-Hayat Media Center, the official ISIS media outlet known for producing non-Arabic propaganda.

According to excerpts of the video provided to the Washington Free Beacon, a masked fighter addresses Obama and called him “one of the greatest leaders of Islam.”

If the above gets pulled you can watch the video here while it lasts.

  • Too many honkey faces to be taken without question.

    What do others say?

    • I say Obama is a Muslim;)

      • Xavier

        If he weren’t, what would he do differently?

      • Bingo ++.

    • mobuyus

      They could very well be western leftists, this is their wet dream. They sound like white folk trying to sound like brown folk.

    • V10_Rob

      A terrorist propaganda video praising Obama? Too good to be true for the right.

      A fake terrorist propaganda video produced by almost comically racist whiteys? Too good to be true for the left.

    • no4

      Apart from the dodgy kit, dodgy weapons, dodgy faces, dodgy accents, and that no one was in a man dress, it seems authentic.

    • john700

      The guy speaks with a Russian accent.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Sometimes it takes a stratagem to get the truth out. It’s not hard to draw the conclusion that Obama’s sporadic, limp wristed bombing campaign is no more than window dressing.

  • JoKeR
  • Even if forged, this video is true – Obama is the No. 1 Jihadist in the whole World. He has penetrated the sanctum sanctorum of Western power, the White House, and is corrupting it from within. No better position could be attained by any jihadist.