Ridding the Campus of the Social Justice Pox

All across American universities the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are on the march demanding increased black faculty, more black undergraduates, various buildings re-named, more public lectures on race, class and gender, the immediate firing of those who give offense plus various Stalinist measures to purge campuses of anything antithetical to their anti-intellectual agenda (for example, see here). And these lists grow longer by the day and, sad to say, university administrators can’t wait to surrender.

Social Justice Warrior Buttons On Sale At Walmart

Social Justice Warrior Buttons On Sale At Walmart

  • Observer


    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …Social Justice Tool…

  • Alain

    Allowing them any say in anything they did not build, make or produce is the height of stupidity.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Their money their idiot choices. If going to Oberlin, Amherst, Yale etc can’t prepare you for the day you go out into the world then that’s on the school and parents who pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars for the ‘nice try!’. No college is so special that it can’t fall on its own reputation and failure. Let it unravel.