‘I started the Arab Spring. Now death is everywhere, and extremism blooming’

It is hardly surprising that when Faida Hamdy wonders whether she is responsible for everything that happened after her moment of fame she is overwhelmed.

Mrs Hamdy was the council inspector who, five years ago today confiscated the vegetable stall of a street vendor in her dusty town in central Tunisia.

In despair, that young man set himself on fire in a protest outside the council offices. Within weeks, he was dead, dozens of young Arab men had copied him, riots had overthrown his president, and the Arab Spring was under way.

  • V10_Rob

    There’s a lesson in here for the petty tyrants that inhabit our own useless bureaucracies.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Which friend or relative did she give that poor man’s vegetable cart to?
    I notice that she doesn’t explain what happened to the cart.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Kill yourself.

  • Dana Garcia

    In a November 25 interview with Glasov, Steve Coughlin suggested that the vender thing was just a convenient excuse:

    “Well I was briefed on Capitol Hill by September 2010, these Arab countries were coming down; it was all a Brotherhood operation from the very beginning and that it would mask itself as a democratic movement. Come February we called it the Arab Spring.” (around 10 min in)


  • caradoc

    If liberals (particularly the ones in power) weren’t convinced that American Leadership was the greatest evil ever unleashed upon mankind, things would be very different right now. Keep a reasonable level of troops in Iraq, financial and material support to the more liberal/secular movements in the mideast/North Africa, pressure on governments to crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalist movements, rapid and forceful intervention in Syria, no waffling when Egypt was falling apart, managing a Lybian transfer of power rather than ignoring it, and a hard line on Iranian nukes.

    Expensive, but that region wouldn’t be the mess it is now, and could quite possibly be on the road to joining the rest of the modern world instead of becoming a hell hole of radical medieval religious barbarism. And almost certainly wouldn’t be exporting terror to California.

  • Maxwell Jump

    The face that launched a thousand jihads. Her face should be on a poster showing the beauty, the joy, the inner peace, the enlightenment, the sheer rapture of living a Muslim life that Islam brings it’s followers. Especially the women.

  • Shebel

    Look on the bright –soon you will be a Perpetual Virgin for the Glorious DEAD.

  • BillyHW

    Death is everywhere and always in the muslim world because you are a bunch of backwards and filthy animals, bitch. You didn’t start anything. There is no hope for an Arab spring, ever. The only hope for the world is that all of you die of plague.

  • Canadian

    Like Obola would say, she didn`t start that.
    A certain pedophile started it 14 centuries ago, and it` still going strong.

  • As I understand it, the dude was unable or unwilling to pay the customary bribes to be allowed to conduct business. Was this woman committing a crime or legitimately enforcing the regs? Ah, that’s the tricky bit… it was BOTH, fellow babies. It’s usually both. Forward.