Harvard law student’s defense of free speech prompts peers to mock his facial features, brand him ‘racist’

A conservative-leaning Harvard Law School student who recently criticized racial protests on his campus and elsewhere for using fascist tactics to silence dissent has become the target of vicious online attacks that do not address his intellectual arguments, but rather his looks.

  • Alain

    This has always been the norm for the brain-dead leftists, since they are incapable of debating any of their claims and/or narrative. Yesterday I went to get my hair cut and had to endure how much Trump looked like Hitler. As I just wanted to get a haircut and get out to do other things, I chose to remain silent. Plus I no longer wish to waste my time trying to explain anything to people who are so shallow.

  • Brain dead leftists at Harvard. Sad state of affairs.

  • Canadian

    They always use the only arguments they have.