Canada and the Emerging Terror Threat From the North

Our placid neighbor has a large and growing problem with radical Islam

“…Worse, the Liberals have just returned to power in Ottawa, and Justin Trudeau, the country’s youthful new prime minister, has gone out of his way to court Muslim votes. Mr. Trudeau has often castigated alleged discrimination against Canadian Muslims, which he used to good effect in recent elections. His early actions in power, including pulling Canadian fighter-bombers out of the U.S.-led air campaign against the Islamic State, do not inspire confidence that he grasps the seriousness of the situation.

This, after all, is the politician who back in 2011 expressed his strong public disagreement with a Canadian government brochure aimed at immigrants that described honor killings as “barbaric.” That Mr. Trudeau does not take jihadism seriously is a view expressed by security professionals on both sides of the border. “We were under water on the domestic terrorist threat even before this government,” explained a senior Canadian security official to me, “and now it’s certain to get worse. We’re already feeling pressure to back off from 24 Sussex,” a reference to the prime minister’s Ottawa residence.

  • G

    If the GOP takes the white house in 16 then canadian conservatives… (REAL conservatives not Jim Prentice Joe Clark cino chickenshits) should go full bore on making Americans aware just how spineless the canadian ruling elite are.

    I can’t imagine Trump wasting any time letting Turdo know exactly how unpleasant life could get if Turdo pisses off the Americans.

    • I hope they do but if Rona is an indicator the Cons are toast.

      • G

        Yes, you are right. The Cons are toast.
        BUT I wasn’t referring to an election. We can kick Turdo’s ass without winning a single seat or court case just by letting the Yanks know just how dangerous this asshole is to THEIR security.

        Letters to certain senators, and congressmen in the U.S., (those with a bit of an anti-canadian slant anyway) letters to the editor of US con newspapers & emails to FOX & US con talk radio could get the anti-Turdo ball rolling quite nicely.

        He’ll still be PM but he won’t be able to enact lefty foreign or immigration policy.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Rona is a placeholder and nothing more.

    • Minicapt

      Obambi apparently hasn’t …


  • Ron MacDonald

    Justin is going to go the way of Tony Abbott in Australia, the Liberal Party of Canada will tire of his stupidity and caucus will turn against him.

    • Physics grad

      Liberals never tire of stupidity – they invented stupidity, it is their strongest trait.

    • That is not a turn of events I see on the horizon.

      • Ron MacDonald

        The best examples of his stupidity have yet to come, Trump will eat him alive should he become president.

    • barryjr

      Not happening the old boys network that reveres his daddy is still in charge and will keep him as leader. Besides the LPC is a good banner for the lefties that want to destroy Canada and realize that the NDP will never be elected to a position where they could destroy what is left of a once great country.

  • Gary

    As long as it’s Brown women , jews and queers way over there being slaughtered by muslims…… it’s not Justin’s problem because they can’t vote for him until they get here .

    • G

      What’s Turdo doing next to Brian Jean, leader of the Wild Rose Party in Alberta?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    None of the Republican hopefuls have expressed any tolerance toward an Islamist invasion, not even Rand Paul.