After COP21 Failure The Terror Begins: Crazed Greenies Eat Their Own

The Paris COP21 climate summit has gone better than any of us could have hoped. Which is to say so incredibly badly that the disappointed greenies have begun to turn on one another in bitterness and recrimination and Hunger-Games-like kill-or-be-killed savagery.

  • robins111

    Not only are they turning on each other, but I heard they are all the time burning Koran’s soaked in Bacon Grease in protest.. at least that’s what I heard..

  • Reader

    When it comes to divvying up the money the fights always start.
    Now comes your musical interlude

  • Exile1981

    time for the popcorn

  • Jay Currie

    As the snow falls gently outside my window I am delighted and bemused at the Green on Green action. But it is only the beginning. Paris was the high water mark of the Global Warming BS. They will never again have the combination of dodgy, unexamined science, economic illiteracy and political conformism needed to come to this so called “agreement”.

    In the next few years the science is going to catch up with the fact observations are deviating from the models ever more quickly. The 18 year pause has every chance of turning into actual cooling once the current El Nino is done.

    The economics of renewables – yes those dumb windmills Ontario is festooned with – will finally be exposed as laughable. The idea of transferring massive sums to Third World Nations to help them cope with a non-existent problem will be exposed as unworkable when most Western governments fail to pay up.

    China and India and a host of other developing nations will continue to power their development with coal.

    The only people who will still believe in the magic of global warming will either be paid to believe it or will be using it as an increasingly ineffective wedge issue.

    We already see the general public rating concern about global warming at the bottom of the heap of public policy priorities. Eventually politicians, beginning with conservative politicians, will cry “bullshit” and let loose the dogs of scepticism.

    Stephane Dion will be left to cower in a corner with his ancient dog Kyoto whimpering, “But we’ll always have Paris.”

  • mauser 98

    COP 22 meeting next January in Winnipeg?