Where Did All the Money Shaun King Raised for Black Lives Go?

The most prominent (white) face of the movement needs to explain how he spent millions he raised for causes from Haiti to racial justice across America.

Shaun King is very good at raising money in support of black lives and—one of those lives might be his own.

King, one of the most visible faces of the Black Lives Matter movement and no stranger to controversy, is now beating back accusations that he has misappropriated or mismanaged charitable funds.

shaun-king - he's white

White Guy claims he has committed no fraud.

  • FactsWillOut

    “Where Did All The Money Shaun King Raised For Black Lives Go?”

    My guess is he spent it on a lifetime supply of blackface.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Male escorts, cocaine, booze, clubs, vacations. Maybe a car.

  • CodexCoder

    Mr. King is a total fraud.

    • Martin B

      And so is Black Lives Matter.

  • Gary

    Not sure if that’s Bob Marley on his shirt but Bob’s father was White and his mother was Black.
    Obama had a Black dad and White mother , but hey, when you can exploit race for money who cares what your background is.
    This type of Identity confusion appears in the transgender issue where they seem to chose being a women with a penis and want to use women’s wash rooms or even a man with a vagina that wants to use a women’s wash room.
    The bi-sexual issue is also strange because so far it’s mostly women like Wynne and Libby Davies that had male partners but are now lesbians .