Vladimir Putin is IMMORTAL and hasn’t changed his appearance in 100 years

A photograph from almost 100 years ago has some on social media convinced that Russian leader Valdimir Putin is immortal.

Putin Immortal

Yup. That’s Vlad alright.

  • ontario john

    Apparently a picture exists at the Vatican of Putin dressed as a Roman soldier standing next to the crucified Christ.

  • Blacksmith

    That’s some funny shit right there….

  • karra

    I will check with Brian Williams and get back to you.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Good ole “reliable” Brian probably met him on the battlefields of Crimea – back in the early 1900s. Brian has a time machine, too, so he can go back and check out all the facts so that they are perfect. Brian has superpowers. Everybody knows that. 😉

  • Justin St.Denis

    Vlad has indeed aged. Maybe because I am “getting up there” age-wise, I struggle against gravity giving me man-boobs, and it ain’t easy! Vlad either doesn’t worry so much about that or is failing in his struggle against man-boobs because the last “Vlad on a horse” photo I saw showed man-boobs – rather big ones, actually. Personally, my heart burst with joy to realize I was doing better than Vlad in that department. I am still man-boob-free. But I admit to having grown really tired of doing hundreds of “flys” every day with 40-lbs weights

    • I hear you brother. Maybe lighten the weight and increase the reps as you get older. This is geared towards beginners, but then, we’ve never been old before either… http://eldergym.com/elderly-strength.html

      • Justin St.Denis

        Getting old is new to me so I plan on doing it my way. I hear you about the higher reps/lighter weights combo. My trainer says the same thing, and I am reducing the weights as I go along. But I continue to challenge myself with bench presses and standing squats. We seem to need a lot more yoga/stretching when we get older. Still, when I see guys (and women, too!) 20 years my junior getting out of their cars and walking across parking lots looking for all the world like geezers-in-training, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for them. My wife calls them TheWalkingDead. 🙂

  • moraywatson

    It’s a Vlad, Vlad, Vlad, Vlad World!

  • HalcyonDaze

    Immortal my ass. These pictures prove nothing except the fact that there is one recessive gene in the Russian Male DNA which keeps appearing ever few decades and produces self aggrandizing, megalomaniacs who think they look cute in uniform.

  • andycanuck

    Only his hairdresser knows for sure.

  • TJ

    He keeps a sword near by, just in case someone else wants to be be the only one.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If he wipes out ISIS, he will gain historical immortality.

  • No photoshop?