Video Of Polish Priest’s Speech Slamming Islam

WARSAW ( – Footage of a young Polish Catholic priest addressing a crowd of tens of thousands protesting Islam and liberalism is going viral.

The speech occurred at a march in honor of Poland’s November 11 National Independence Day, which marks the anniversary of the country’s restoration of sovereignty in 1918.

The young priest, Fr. Jacek Miedlar, spoke to a crowd of an estimated 50,000 protesters, defending Poland’s autonomy and Catholic heritage against the rising threat of Islam, in response to European Union (EU) demands for the country to “absorb” Muslim refugees currently flooding Germany.

“The leftist and Islamic aggression is turned against Christianity and our nation,” the priest said to a crowd filled with Polish flags. “We have the right to be afraid of that. We are entitled to fear for the fall of the Christian heritage of our nation.”

Poland Rises Against Islam – Fr.Miedlar addresses the March For Independence, 11 Nov 2015

Can you imagine a Catholic priest making the same speech in North America?

  • Katyn

    There is war coming, a real war, and it will be in our midst.

    Everything so far has been a run up, another phoney war.

  • Denis

    if priests and others would stand up then we can start to fight back against the evil in the world and our own countries.

    • Alain

      This priest is clearly far more Catholic than the pope.

  • Ron MacDonald

    He would be brought before a Human Rights Tribunal.

    • African

      People in the Western world are crazily Anti-Christian, pro LGBT and pro islam. May God punish them for this EVIL!

      • tom_billesley

        I noticed the “No to rainbows, No to reds….” message.

  • Interesting. Surprisingly moderate. Did not incite to hatred and violence, but still conscious and firm against the Islamic invasion (rightly).

  • James Oswald

    There is no ‘right’ to fear Islam. Islam is no different than any other threat sent by Satan. This is not new. It’s one thing or the other. Men of God do not fear. Every day men are at war. They battle the fears palnted by Satan and priests. Put on the armor of God. Be not afraid. You would think a priest would know that. When Jesus was crucified, the curtain that separated man from God was torn down and ended the priesthood. Where did this ‘priest’ come from, after Jesus the Christ ended the priesthood. Who is this ‘priest’, who counsels fear?

    • dukestreet

      This priest is a Catholic priest. He knows part of the truth, but his eyes are blinded to the whole truth, because he relies on what his church teaches, instead of relying on the Scriptures,which provides us with all the truth we need to live.

      • James Oswald

        God gives His word seriously, as He gives it to us, to open our eyes…to open our ears…to see…to hear. Who can hear, see?

      • This priest is of the same cloth as the man who helped bolster the communist-destroying Solidarity movement.

        THERE is God’s will.

  • john700

    In North America:
    “Hey, kids, Islam is bad and screws up your brains, but you’ll gain immunity from that if someone licks your balls. Would you let me do it?”

  • Clear Thinker

    Jan Sobieski would be proud.

  • dukestreet

    There is no where I can think of in Ontario that you could have a gathering like this one without getting arrested for:protesting without a permit,meeting without a permit, racist speech, proselytizing Christianity, encouraging violence, anti -government speech,anti- Muslim speech, campfires without permit and in unlicensed area etc. ,etc. …

    • James Oswald

      So go get arrested already. Youy are here for a short time. Getting arrested is not as bad as getting eaten by a lion, n’est pas?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Thrilling. The authentic voice of a Polish patriot standing for the right.

  • bargogx1

    Very inspiring.

  • Blacksmith

    “Can you imagine a Catholic priest making the same speech in North America?”

    Actually I can imagine it, but when I do I know I am dreaming.

  • canuckistan666

    Good to see young faces in the crowd for a change.

  • BillyHW

    Wow, a priest that doesn’t take it up the ass. Preserve this specimen, maybe we can clone him.

  • P_F

    People will follow all we need is a true patriotic leader. As we’ve seen next door in the case of Donald Trump.