Heartsick at seeing the “Liberal narrative” torn to shreds – Toronto Star closes commenting

Toronto Star closes commenting on thestar.com

We have turned off commenting on thestar.com effective Wednesday, Dec. 16 and instead we’ll be promoting and showcasing the comments our readers share across social media and in their letters and emails to our editors.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they denounce you as a racist, and then when they close the comments section – you win.

    The writings and teachings of DbN

  • Denis

    the left wing just cannot refute the truth so they put their hands over their ears and refuse to listen!

  • simus1

    My heart leaped.
    Then I noticed the word “closes” was followed by the word “commenting”.
    Major bummer, man.
    May have to open my last bottle of Beau’s “Screaming Beaver” aged in the barrel popskull just to get back on an even keel.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The vast majority of comments were anti-liberal, that’s the only reason they closed commenting.

    • richfisher

      I commented there and they probably couldn’t keep up with just reviewing and rejecting comments.
      Some slipped through and the PC narrative was getting hammered by the eloquence, truth and sheer numbers of comments that disagreed with their nonsense more often than not.

      We won.
      They’re losers.

  • CodexCoder

    So like the comments from the “social” media, the new comments will demonstrate the clear thinking of their carefully selected constituents (and the leftist editors – I couldn’t help myself).

    To the editors of the Toronto Star: if the narrative isn’t supported by reality, then maybe, just maybe, it isn’t worth printing.

  • Mr_bigstuff

    A further erosion of free speech – The comments were always closed when someone disagreed with the MSM stance on: Gays – You are homophobic – On Muslims – You are racist – On aboriginals – They were here first – On Global warming – Suzuki knows best – As long as posters made white christians look bad the MSM was all for it-
    It was always the MSM stance that posters never had to use their real names – It is strange then that I never saw an editorial with a byline-
    The MSM are a bunch of gutless bastards controlled by the left wing assholes that now run Canada – This is the beginning of the end of free speech in Canada – We are spiraling down into a police state with any chance at reasoned dissent shut down – The old joke about newspapers being fishwrap is quite true – Only I believe the fish deserve better – Anyone who calls themselves journalists should hang their heads in shame – They are told what to write and when to write it- My once proud Canada is becoming a third world toilet where disagreement is stomped on – I weep for my granddaughter and future generations-

    • Icebow

      Lead us not into social injustice, Justin.

    • Oil and beef

      If you don’t agree with progressives you are called names and shouted down. Engineering society to fit a certain mold will make us even weaker, susceptible to any demands and offenses that are dreamed up.

  • Xavier

    Undiluted essence of fascism.

  • ontario john

    The leftist media hates anything that distracts from their agenda. A Star writer today had a story on how meanness has gone from Canada now that Harper is gone, and Happy Ways Trudeau is in charge. She also stated that Harper was waging war against muslim women. The comments were not supportive.

  • Exile1981

    So they are going to scour the internet looking for the few comments of people who actually believe in the crap the Star preaches and shut out and ignore the comments of people who are not idiots.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Maybe their readers can’t read or write very well. More bigger pictures, more tweets, more emojis.

  • CaligulaJones

    I never understood how a “major” media outlet would use such a clunky comments section anyway. Unlike discerning bloggers using Disqus…

    I had just left a comment there this morning on an article about paying for in vitro fertilization (here’s a hint about what the article said: we should definitely pay for it, and even then, here’s some sad stories about childless couples).

    I related the story of a relative who broke his clavicle in September, but they couldn’t do anything until he got an MRI – which they scheduled for December. The 23rd.

    “Luckily”, there was a cancellation, and he got in last week. At 10:30 at night.

    He lives near Huntsville, and this was in Orillia (that’s almost 200 clicks round trip).

    For a guy living on painkillers…

  • Clear Thinker

    When the star prints a story about some kind of person who falls through the cracks and is in need of social justice, the commenters to the Nth number, always tell the truth about why and how the fool made their own crack and ignored all of the exits on their own road to functional perdition. The star does not like the rest of us who can spot these things. It just seems unfair to these fools.

  • irishrus

    so back to newsprint type censorship then.
    Didn’t the left make all their perverse nefarious gains through free speech?
    Siding with the left is like the one democratic election that votes in communism i.e. Putin will leave when he is good and ready to leave.

  • David Murrell

    The Star talks about printing “thoughtful, insightful and provocstive” comments. This is Star-speak for printing only left-wing, pro-Liberal comments.

    I wonder how many readers they lost with thus ro-fascist mivr.

  • kkruger71

    Don’t worry, I’m sure the comments they’ll be “promoting and showcasing” will provide a broad cross-section of public opinion.
    “I think we should let in 50,000 muslims a year.”
    “No, we should let in 100,000 a year!”
    See? Diversity.

    • You bet.

      • Gary

        The STAR just might fear a Terrorism attack by muslims as we see for the CBC ever since the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists that were born here wanted to kill us and take over the CBC to spew their islamic Supremacy for the Caliphate .

        The gutless media in the US still bangs their drum about how islam is a Religion Of Peace which could be from their fear of having the Studio bombed by muslims or have their child grabbed and beheaded or stabbed to death on the streets like Thoe van Gogh was.

        Little Clockmed Muhammed was put up to bringing his fake Suitcase bomb to prompt a reaction at the school and thus file this recent lawsuit for $15 million.
        No teacher or school will now risk being fired or sued when a muslim students bring the real suitcase bomb for jihad now that they way is clear thanks to Obama being ion the side if islamists that get to visit the White House to do dawah .

  • marty_p

    The Star closed commenting after a couple of weeks of being bashed on every article that had comments, by posters complaining about their nauseating gushing over Syrian refugees, Trudope and Premier Horseface.

  • Oil and beef

    Leftists and Islamists

    Both hate
    Christianity and Judaism

    Both excuse the
    preaching of hatred towards disfavored ethnic groups

    Both excuse violent attacks by Muslim terrorists, citing

    Neither believe in
    free speech

    Neither are capable
    of even the tiniest criticism, citing micro-aggressions or Islamophobia

    Both hold America and
    Israel in contempt

    Both favour rule by
    an unaccountable elite

    Both have dreams of
    totalitarian rule with leaders selected by political or religious criteria

    Both shun modernity,
    such as that provided by the energy from fossil fuels

    Both lie habitually,
    believing such deception is completely justified

    Both shout down their
    opponents hoping to intimidate and obfuscate rational discussion

    Both are determined
    to end, or severely curtail, our constitutional democracies that all stem from
    Judeo-Christian roots

    • mobuyus

      Both can fuck right off.

    • Michelle

      God you’re stupid.

      • Oil and beef

        Both employ name calling, shouting down any opposing opinions. See you just proved it.

  • Tom Forsythe

    CBC will be next.

    • richfisher

      The Paid Indian FAS tribe of Commentches would be jobless if that happened.