Republicans Take a Stand against the PC Jihad at the Terror Debate

The Republican debate may have been taking place in Vegas, but over it hung the shadows of the killings in San Bernardino. And many of the Republican candidates stepped up vowing a tougher fight against the Islamic State and other foreign enemies of the United States, including Russia and North Korea.

There were divisions over many of the details, but there was also a consensus that the war had to be won, the military had to be rebuilt and that the truth about terrorism had to be told.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile in fantasy land Canada, we are taking in 25 thousand bat shit crazy muslims, and want the Trump name taken off buildings. Happy Ways!!

  • I loved Ted Cruz’s analogy when asked about Muslims and terrorism:
    “All horse thieves are Democrats, but not all Democrats are horse thieves”.

  • DD_Austin

    They’d all be folding like the usual lawn chair politicians they are without Trump

    prodding their cowardly saudi bought asses

  • Tripper523

    I was glad to see at least some partial solidarity among the very entertaining candidates. It does make our Canadian politics extremely boring by comparison, but that is typical when witnessing some of our #1 global superpower’s players in action. Further to the immigration / terrorism debacle… >>

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I watched it last night and I liked what I heard. If Trump puts some backbone in his rivals and continues to shatter taboo topics, we will owe him a debt of gratitude even if he is not ultimately nominated.

    • bob e

      really .. all the poison is out in the open ..

  • bob e

    they just repeated what trump has been pounding on for months ..
    and they just passed the buck ..

  • Alain

    A tougher fight against ISIS, Russia and North Korea will deal with the problem of all the Islamists already within their borders and more on their way exactly how?