Posters plastered on Christian homes in Baghdad call on women to wear the veil

Sunday morning, Baghdad Christians were surprised to discover posters inviting women to wear the veil. “People probably Shiite militias, pasted images of the virgin on the homes of Christian families,” said Tuesday Monsignor Louis Sako Raphael 1, Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans. “These images were accompanied by a message inviting women to imitate the Virgin Mary in veiling too.”

The houses, churches and monasteries concerned are located in several districts that are predominantly Shiite, including Zayouna, Ghadir and Karrada, reports the online newspaper al-Araby Al-Jadeed. On these posters, the image of the Virgin is struck out with a message: ‘Why the Virgin Mary -the peace be upon itself was veiled.’ ” He continues:

“Stop and think.
A very respectable all our Christian sisters
The Virgin Mary was veiled as it was following the law of the prophet, and because this law comes from one divine source.
Only Satan does not accept it.
You must imitate the Virgin Mary.
So why do not you wear the veil? “

The operation caused a sense of terror in the Christian community. “When such an image plastered on the door of your house and your church, the militia warn you your place is not among them,” said Hana Salioh, an Iraqi interviewed by The method is reminiscent of the “Noun” tagged by jihadists Daech on the homes of Christians in  Mosul,having taken control of the city in June 2014.


We should not accept Muslim “refugees”.

Between PM Useful Idiot and the previous conservative government Canada is well on its way to imitating Europe’s folly.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Only one word separates the Islamic State from the Islamic Republic.

  • Martin B

    And these Shiite militias are the good guys who Obama trusts to save Baghdad from Islamic State.

    Iraq is an irredeemable shit hole.

    • It is lost to Islamic madness.

      • James Oswald

        As lost as America’s progressive madness.

  • vimy

    the west should create arm and support christian militias in the area and…………

    Never mind, what the hell was I thinking?

    • James Oswald

      God’s Crusaders are already armored and fighting. Seeking out the lost, and sharing the Good News. Not with the feminized crap you heard in America’s churches, but with God’s command to save souls before the book is closed. Please, God, DO NOT SEND JESUS TODAY. Someone will be saved today. Wait for him. Please God, wait one more day. BTW, vimy, what are you doing with your life? And, yes….I said Crusaders.

  • James Oswald

    Islam is not mad. It is yin/yang. The West rejected God at the whispering of Progressives. Islam fills the void. Throw off the horror of Progressiveism, know God. Islam is a pipsqueak come to remind you. I pray, “Thank you God for bringing the muslims to remind me that all I have comes from you. Forgive me God for indulging in my wealth and forgetting you gave it to me.”