Obama compares Syrian refugees to Holocaust survivors

President Barack Obama on Tuesday drew a comparison between Syrian refugees today and Jewish refugees during World War II, during a speech at a naturalization ceremony of 31 petitioners seeking United States Citizenship held at the National Archive in Washington DC.

  • Obama adds insult to injury.

    • He is a despicable man

    • Clausewitz

      Beyond contempt.

  • Ron MacDonald

    These migrants look well-fed compared to the starving survivors of the holocaust.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The US welcomed in 2 times as many Germans after WW2 than Jews. And that’s not counting the known Nazis and war criminals. In the 10 years after WW2 the US allowed in about 250,000 Jews and a half million non Jewish Germans.

    The joint American-Anglo committee on DP’s and Jewish refugees which convened in late 1945 seriously considered but thankfully abandoned as ‘impractical’ the notion that all the Jewish survivors in Europe after the war should be locked up in DP camps for life ‘for their own protection.’ They couldn’t return home and the Brits would never allow them into nascent Israel.

    And here’s your factoid of the day. After the war, the Red Cross scoured the entirety of Europe and discovered there only 97 intact Jewish families in Europe, where no family members had been murdered in the Shoah.

    The source for the last two points above is Bartley Crum’s “Behind the Silken Curtain”

  • Frances

    The comparison is apt – but only for Christians and Yazidis.

    • Gary

      I was about to say that he’s 1/2 right because Hillary ‘s Arab Spring caused the refugees while they both have blood on them for the current Holocaust .

      Only a Liberal would rush in at this point to take the credit for the disaster as being the one to fix it.

      He ran them over with his car and now has the nerve to show up at the Hospital to tell the Cops that they are lucky he was there at the scene to call 9-1-1 .

  • barryjr

    Every time I read something about this guy it just proves that Americans are the stupidest people on earth as a whole.

  • tom_billesley

    Is Obama going to be as welcoming to Syrians as FDR was to Jews on the St.Louis in 1939?