Down in Dearborn

What country is Dearborn in? City Clerks Office Raided. h/t D

Dearborn City Clerk Office Raided

Muslim Prayer Room in “Catholic School”

Mohammed’s Birthday – Dec 25th

Mo's Birthday on Christmas

  • pop

    Naturally, the Mo was ‘born’ on Christmas Eve…..
    You win a smart TV? I’m there! LOL

    • tom_billesley

      Smart TV, a product of islamic science and muslim engineering.

      • Raymond Cameron

        Does a 55″ Smart TV fold in half to fit in a Smart car?

  • Celebrate the birth of Mo.

    Have sex with a nine year old.

    • jackburns

      Follow it up with a grand mal seizure.

  • Canadian

    The schools have thrown Christmas out, so maybe they`ll now celebrate the pedo`s birthday, instead?
    Bit by bit, Christianity is being replaced.

  • Jaedo Drax

    Hrmmm, “chance to win” sounds like gambling to me, and gambling is haram

  • Zaba

    Anyone else catch (in the clip) the Dearborn city hall sign… Arabic?
    Ah, Dearbornistan…..
    What country indeed?

  • Very wily of the Muslims to invent a Dec. 25 “birthday” for Mo – thus making possible the replacement of Christian celebrations by Islamic ones. These guys are proceeding very consciously and deliberately towards their takeover of the West goal.

    This is very much like the myth-making of Arab Palestinian peoplehood and history. And they’ve even managed to make BBC & CNN believe that Jesus was a Palestinian Arab.

    • Zaba

      Very wily of the Muslims…….

      It is especially wily to base this on a lunar calendar……

      • Ah. You mean this is only coincidentally this year? If so, I did not realize it. In any case, the anniversary of Mo can only be conventional, since no one has any idea of his birthday, or even if he ever really existed! Like his spiritual son Obama, he left no birth certificate behind, at least no genuine one.

        • Blacksmith

          “Like his spiritual son Obama, he left no birth certificate behind, at least no genuine one.”
          Amen to that one. The lies and obfuscations by the ‘won’ are legendary.

        • Zaba

          Well said!

          At first, I thought it was a coincidence.
          Then, I just wanted to work in ‘wily’.

    • V10_Rob

      You don’t have to be terribly wily when your opponents are either gullible enough to believe anything you tell them or too fearful to call you out on your bullshit. Or both.

      • Or, like the philistines at the BBC or CNN, et al, complicit.

    • disqusW6sf

      He was Jewish!

      • I presume you mean Mo. There is a theory that he was of Jewish mother (and Arab father) based on suggestions of the Arab historian Ibn Ishaq (if I recall rightly) a couple of hundred years later. Could be true, but it is only speculation, ultimately.

        • disqusW6sf

          I was referring to Jesus because of your comment on CNN & BBC belief that Jesus was a Palestinian Arab.

  • pike bishop

    Happy birthday to Mohamed (pigs upon him) and you too Justin Trudeau.
    Merry Christmas to all the climate denying, female form admiring and respecting, doggie kisses liking, pork rind eating, alcohol over indulging, Santa believing what is left of us.

  • hissy

    Happy birthday prophet Mo.
    Blow , blow blow

  • truthdareisay

    Ummmmmm wondering if Omar Alghabra’s sign on his door will be in Arabic soon. Quite sure Arabic will soon replace French as Canada’s second official language.The article reminded me of what is happening in Canada. The Syrian refugees arrival to Canada are like the Second Coming.. with idiotic (instead of wise) men come bearing gifts from far and wide…

    • No Matter CIJA says Omar Alghabra is a swell guy who supports Israel.

      Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), told The CJN earlier this month that the TSEC report relies on “guilt by association,” but he noted that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been “unequivocal in his support for Israel.”

      “Like in all political parties, there exists within the Liberal caucus a diverse range of opinions and perspectives,” Fogel added Dec. 16. “Regardless of personal views, all caucus members are expected to follow and uphold government policy. Mr. Alghabra is no exception. When we met with him last week, he reaffirmed his support for Canada’s Middle East policy.”

      • truthdareisay

        Thanks BCF.. I had read that too and gagged while reading it. “Official Jews” They should be known as Dhimmi Jews”! So ashamed of my own tribe. I even commented on CJN website.. “if they need any more proof, it would be a tragedy for the Jewish community” Not sure if they posted my reply…

        • marty_p

          When they drag out Bernie Farber as a “Jewish Spokesperson” I want to throw up.

  • disqusW6sf

    They hi-jack everything. Today is Beet ho van’s birthday & I bet they’ll claim that he was muslim.

  • marty_p

    The only Mo birthday I celebrate is June 19th.