What They Missed: The Anti-Terror Raid That Asked All The Wrong Questions

BRUSSELS — On a cold evening in January, a few dozen Belgian police officers in tactical gear amassed outside a redbrick apartment building in the eastern town of Verviers. It had been a week since the terrorist attacks on the office of Charlie Hebdo and a kosher mini-market in Paris. Police across Europe were on high alert against additional terrorist plots, and now Belgian authorities believed they were closing in on one.

For some time, the Belgians had been monitoring the communications of two men who had holed up in Verviers. Soufiane Amghar and Khalid Ben Larbi, who were 26 and 23 years old, had disappeared from their homes in Molenbeek, a mostly immigrant, low-income neighborhood of Brussels, the spring before. Amghar’s parents reported his departure to the police, who later determined that both men had flown to Istanbul that April, and from there onto Syria.

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    Let’s just assume for the purpose of argument that racism is the main cause of young muslims eventually taking up the cause of violent Jihad in Belgium as the final step in their dissatisfaction, as seems to be the argument of the linked article.

    What then explains the phenomenon of violent Jihad around the rest of the world?

    For the assumed cause to be true, it must be that, around the world, young muslims are being discriminated against which is causing them to attack others. Muslims in Belgium, France, USA, India, China, Russia, Canada, Australia, Spain, the Philippines, and the countries in Northern Africa must all be discriminating against muslims because they are racist. Each of these different cultures and countries would have to be discriminating in the same ways that is causing this dissatisfaction.

    What then of other minorities in the aforementioned countries? Why have they not taken up arms and attacked the dominant majority of these countries if they are being consistently racist against minorities in their countries? Why are we not seeing the terrorist attacks from Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Jainists, who presumably would be otherwise just as discriminated against were all religions to be equally discriminated against?

    Could it be something about Islam itself that causes it to hate a country’s dominant religion and culture, that make the jump to violent action a small matter? Could it be the admonishments to believers that they are a superior people, that they should be in charge, that they should impose their religious duty on both believer and non-believer and that they deserve all the riches and benefits from the countries of the non-believers? Is it the disparity between believing your religion and culture are innately superior clashing against the reality that they are not – and believing in a zero-sum philosophy so that it must be the fault of the non-believers? Could it be a lack of guilt and ascribing all misfortunes on someone else and not as a result of an individual’s decisions and actions?

    If everyone else in the world is against you, and everyone else in the world is insane and your culture and religion are the only sane ones, then perhaps you need to look at your own culture and religion and decide if that is what is wrong or whether everyone else in the world and every other culture in the world is wrong. I’m inclined to go with Occams Razor on this.

    ‘All the world is mad save thee and me, and sometimes I think even thou art a little mad.’

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      Ikea Ackbar!

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    It’s a Buzzfeed article, by a writer who imperfectly understand what he has been told, and is too ignorance to notice.


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