The countries where a majority of Muslims want to live under sharia law

The legal framework based on the moral and legal code of Islam is rarely out of the news.

The most extreme interpretations of Sharia are being enforced by Isis and Boko Haram, it is railed against by Republican presidential candidates, and the Independent recently revealed how Sharia councils in Britain are locking women into “marital captivity” and doing nothing to officially report domestic violence.

But how do Muslims feel about Sharia ?

They love it.

Countries that favour Sharia law

  • Martin B

    And they love it even after seeing it in action in Islamic State, which says a lot about them.

  • If every day you heard nothing but Islam, Islam, Islam, you would be brainwashed into Islam.

    That is the problem.

    Does anyone really believe a 54 year old child pedophile, murdering thug, was sent by God as a prophet?

    No. They are brainwashed by the way the system operates.

    • Exile1981

      Mohammed said one truth. When he is hiding in the cave and the “angel” 1st appears he is sure it is a demon trying to trick him. He runs away and later comes back and makes a deal with it.

      • He is a demon.

      • Somebody once pointed out how weird it is that Mo got his first “revelations” in a cave. Prophets in the Abrahamic tradition commune with God in high places, not holes in the ground. It’s actually quite creepy.

        • Exile1981

          Yes. I’m a believer in the idea that what mo encountered was demonic not angelic.

  • Exile1981

    I suspect that the muslims in Canada are up over 60% as well.

    • I would not be surprised.

    • Surprised not to see Iran, Syria and Libya on that list. But mostly surprised that the one State that surpasses Afghanistan’s 99% compliance with Sharia law is not listed — the Government of Canada under the Liberal Party of Canada in fact has 100% Sharia law compliance and surpasses Afghanistan. Nowhere in the Middle East are women required to wear a hijab or burka in a court of law, only in Canada under our fascist PM Trudeau.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Their future is so bright it has radiation burns.

  • Raymond Cameron

    These muslims want sharia law everywhere in the world.

    • And progressives want Socialism enforced everywhere in the world, and Western capitalism destroyed hoping to attract Islamists as “enforcers” (Islam in fact does not believe in lending or borrowing at interest, the latter of which is the basis of capitalism). Ultimately, with global religions (including Islam) to be replaced by some sort of global “Gaia” ideology — enforced by the pseudo-science behind the global warming scam. A tall order for the Left to accomplish especially bringing together all the disparate ideologies, but they are delusional enough to believe it can work — as delusional as Islamists are in implanting a global Caliphate.

      Until we understand the goals of the Marxist Left we won’t understand why they are compliant with Sharia law, the ideological motives behind the global warming scam, and how they think they can pull it all together under one big “umbrella” ideology — fascist Socialism. A homogeneous global society, where everyone thinks and acts the same under penalty of law. It is not pluralism, it is not even “multiculturalism” — it is the opposite, it’s the imposition of a global mono-culture. Utopia.

  • simus1

    What they mean of course is that they are all full supporters of sharia provided allah plus their tribe will be “in charge”.

  • Dana Garcia

    Afghanistan must be a regular sharia utopia judging from the poll. Why aren’t the loyal allah-bots flocking there instead of leaving and pretending to be Syrians?

    • My guess is that goat-f**king in Afghanistan is a regrettable alternative to finding sexually attractive women there. Raping infidel women in Sweden is more the ideal.

  • Shebel

    If Justin wants to be such a Leader on the World Stage , why doesn’t he just timidly ask the Saudis why they won’t accept any of these more than useless migrants.
    He is such a transparent pussy.

  • Barrington Minge

    They are all welcome to sharia law as long as they stay the f%ck away from civilised countries.