So long Rona…

Swirly_ToiletNo room for Trump’s politics in Conservative party, Rona Ambrose says

  • Clink9

    Did someone tell this idiot Trump is running in another country?

  • disqusW6sf

    Maybe she should cross the floor and join Justin idiot for PM

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Thank you for your concern Rona.

    • Clausewitz

      I didn’t know that Joe Clark became a transsexual and changed his name to Rona?

      • Edubeat

        Brilliant Joe Clock redux

  • Spatchcocked

    Realistically now, what could she say?

    • She could have said curtail Muslim immigration, but when the Cons were in power they nearly doubled Canada’s Muslim population, they are as bad as the liberals.

      • SDMatt

        Could not improve upon that comment at all, Arnie.

        • G

          “Rona Ambrose is just a vote whore and as corrupt as any other member of our political class”

          Woo hoo! i think you should give YOURSELF the “comment-of-the-day” prize!

          Myself, I think I am basically giving up on politics. the country has swung way too far to the left and conservative politicians are pretty much indistinguishable from the Liberals.

          Look in Alberta, (supposedly the most conservative province in Canada). We elect Alison Redford, then Liberal wanna-be Prentice takes over then we elect the fucking Dippers?
          Now the idiots in the Wild Rose Party are talking about joining with the PCs?

          Fuck this.

      • V10_Rob

        On the other hand, they did try to draw a line in the sand by explicitly stating things like honour killings are incompatible with Canadian values. At which point the left had a meltdown, decrying that as bigoted, but also left them trying to reconcile their sacred cows of diversity and women’s rights with each other.

        That’s the way forward, at least in part. Our problem is not with people of Middle Eastern descent, it’s with people of Middle Eastern CULTURE, ie., political islam and shariah and that whole toxic stew. We have to make that repeatedly clear, that it is incompatible with Western (classical) liberalism, and not demure. If we don’t define ourselves, the propaganda arm media will. Make the left squirm, as was done on the niqab. Make them defend barbaric practices, make them explain why it should be tolerated.

        By all means, let them define Trump as the scary extreme. Meanwhile, we should be working to mark PM Useful Idiot and his fellow travelers as extremists on the other end. Canadians may flinch at a total ban on muslim immigration, but they also don’t want to emulate European submission. That’s when we take the middle ground. Years of atrocities overwhelmingly committed in the name of islam has worn most peoples’ patience thin. We’re past overreacting in fear and ignorance; at this point some specific and carefully outlined discrimination is entirely reasonable and warranted, and based on clear evidence of where this leads (again, European cities).

        Regardless of what the right does, we’re always going to get leftists screaming that we’re racist. Accept that. Just shrug and stay the course, instead of letting them draw you into panicked denial. Hell, wear it proudly. “We refuse to tolerate the intolerable, and we owe no respect to those who preach for our deaths”. As Cappy pointed out recently, the progressives have screamed ‘racist’ so often it’s lost all meaning. Let them morph into Chicken Little. The only people who will take it seriously are the ones already drunk on the Kool Aid.

        • Well said.

        • Ho Hum

          Good post. This was the problem with Harper. He lacked the courage of his convictions. When the Syrian kid drowned Harper allowed the left-wing media in this country (which is EVERY MSM outlet from Postmedia down) to cower him into changing his refugee program.

          Previously Harper said he would bring in 10,000 refugees and would prioritize those most at risk i.e. mostly Christians but he didn’t explicitly say so because he was a coward – these are the photogenic group of refugees that arrived in Toronto – some of the cute little kids even had red hair!.

          Despite the fact that Canadians favored Harper’s plan over Trudeau’s – Harper caved into media pressure and announced expedited numbers of refugees.

          The gutless “cuck” Stephen Harper should have stuck to his convictions. He should have said we cannot accept more than 10,000 AND he should have made it clear that – unlike that Liberals and NDP HE was bringing in CHRISTIANS because a) they are at more risk b) they present a far less security risk c) Canada has had GOOD experience with CHRISTIAN Arab immigrants. Had Harper done that he would be PM today.

          Compare a week and pathetic cuck like Harper to Donald Trump. When Trump announced “if elected I Donald J Trump will impose a TOTAL BAN on Muslim immigration” heads EXPLODED everywhere in the media. As a result of Trumps COURAGEOUS announcement he has soured to over 40% in the polls.

          • V10_Rob

            Regardless of outcome, Trump is going to be a case study for political science types.

            I think that for a lot of voters, it doesn’t even matter what he says anymore. The specifics of what he’s promising are increasingly unimportant. He’s lightning rod for discontent with the status quo. Obama was one too, to a certain extent, but that was a charade by someone who is very much a member of the establishment he was supposed to upset.

            Trump is very much an outsider. Does he have undesirable connections and half-baked plans? Of course. But like the election of the NDP in Alberta, past a certain point people become so pissed off they’d just as soon burn the m********er down as see the corrupt apparatus in (slightly-more) responsible hands.

            Also, Americans are starving for someone of unapologetic conviction in the idea of America itself; they’re tired of this endless stream of smug pseudo-intellectuals and petty victimhood cultists who despise America as much as its enemies. Hell, even he doesn’t believe it, and can be shown to be a hypocrite on American Exceptionalism, that he has the balls to even say it carries weight.

            As a socialist-leaning friend of mine put it, “He’s a loon, but he’s a genuine loon, and nobody owns him.”

          • Waffle

            Sorry to disagree, but Harper is NOT a coward. After almost 10 years of fighting dragons and not getting much help, he was shamefully betrayed by Jenni Byrne et al.

            The “base” stayed with him and did not waver. If it is any indication as to what happened in the rest of the country, I just got a letter from y gutless EDA (the former finance minister’s riding) telling me that 7,000 Liberals WHO HAD NEVER VOTED BEFORE led to Oliver’s defeat.

            Gee, I wonder how that happened? Could it have anything to do with the obscene amounts of money that were poured into targeted ridings such as mine? I wonder what the inducements to vote Liberal were — any guesses? I haven’t yet looked at the poll-by-poll results but I don’t think I’d be shocked to find Liberal majorities in the social housing areas.

          • disqusW6sf

            I agree.

        • disqusW6sf

          ditto re well said. I hope you teach.

  • Xavier

    Fear of osmosis.

  • simus1

    Rona is just another typical CINO with shit for brains.

  • Spatchcocked

    Well….I think in Canada we need a more violent egregious example of Muslim perfidy before we(cons) can up our rhetoric…we’re trying to rebuild as you know.

    FYI Arnie I’ve told the Cons who hound me continually for contributions(telephone) and state on every survey Gerstein sends me that I want a complete stop to Muslim immigration…..have done so for years…..YEARS.

    I’m as perplexed as you why they allowed so many of these serpents into Canada…
    But it’s done and were out of power…and if Ambrose said anything remotely incendiary re these 5th columnists it would never be forgotten…it would be suicidal politically. The soi disant 4th estate would bury us for a decade…

    you think the doughboy Duffy non event had legs?

    • G

      “.it would be suicidal politically. The soi disant 4th estate would bury us for a decade…”

      Yes, we should kiss the press’ ass because they’ve been so fair to conservatives in the past.
      For kryse sake, conservative victories are won DESPITE a hostile press. trying to curry their favor makes no difference or sense.

    • I hear you.

  • Spatchcocked

    BTW He, spatchcocked (stout fellow and patriot bless him) was a generous(to my mind) contributor to the party.
    I told them 2years ago not one more nickel until I hear of fewer Muslims and more Christians and Europeans in the quotas.

  • Spatchcocked

    Sorry lads….you ain’t gonna get the attention of the Druids commies and zombies of this country till the shit hits the fan…a nice Muslim massacre…. famine ….depression …war…..
    This country is fat city…..nobody worries about debt…and free dope nearly a coming down the pike!

  • Shebel

    What do you people want Rona to do ? Go crazy to the Right. Doesn’t matter any way. She will never be PM.

    SOo— What do think about Brian’s daughter for PM?

    • I don’t think of her at all.

    • Alain

      Why? Because she is a she?

      • G

        There’s enough nepotism among the pampered elite in this country as it is.

        Holy frig, look at the upper levels of the press, arts and government in this country there’s enough cousin humping going on to make a Kentucky hill billy puke.

        • disqusW6sf

          It is incestuous.

    • andycanuck

      Thanks for the fun sarcasm ending, Shebel. You had me worried there for a moment.

      And I had never heard of Caroline in my life. When I first saw a tweet about it, I thought someone was drawing a comparison of Caroline Kennedy (Jap. amb.) to the Clown Prince Justin.

  • Spatchcocked

    Look….you could run Ma Kettle for PM and I’d vote for her if she was even remotely Conservative.

  • Alain

    Rona is no Lady Thatcher, that is certain. I see absolutely no female “conservative” in Canada who could lead the party to victory. Her appointment smacked of leftist affirmative action more than anything else. I am still waiting to see if the CPC will choose the road to suicide by going “progressive”. That will determine whether I remain a paying member or not.

  • Edubeat

    Yes but Rona does have nice hair…isn’t she cute doing her “I’m just like Trudeau routine.’

  • P_F

    “Ambrose says she’s glad there’s not that kind of discourse happening in Canadian politics, though she acknowledges there have been recent acts of intolerance towards Canadian Muslims.”

    Could anybody remember any act of intolerance towards Canadian Muslims??
    What a frigging liar. time to cancel my subscription to conservative party, it does not represents my views anymore. Anyways they are going ‘progressive’ they won’t be getting my vote.
    The only person on the world stage who’s talking some sense is Donald Trump. Wish we had somebody as sane & courageous like him.

    • Ho Hum

      Ambrose has bought into the lie that there has been a rash of “attacks” against Muslim’s in Canada.

      The FACT is there have been NO ARREST’s in the handful of “hate crimes” that allegedly took place after Paris.

      The “Islamophobic” attack on two Muslim women on the Subway was proven to be a HOAX. The heated exchange of words started when a Hijabi woman called a black male teen a “monkey”. (kudos to SUN news for breaking that story – ALL other media – including “conservative” in this country failed to set the record straight).

      There has not been any arrest in the arson attack on a Peterborough mosque. For all we know members of the mosque set the fire. What we DO know is the Mosque raised $110,000 online BEFORE it was revealed that the fire was COVERED BY INSURANCE! Again ALL of the media in this country refused to cover the FACT that the mosque took advantage of generous Canadians to raise money to pay for repairs covered by insurance. I have tried to get media to cover this story but none seem interested (even RebelMedia won’t touch it for some reason!).

    • T.C.

      Well, there was that mooselimb with a fake ‘splody suicide vest that the Peel police put four bullets into the weekend after the Paris slaughter. Does that qualify as tolerance … or maybe prudence?

  • eMan14

    The only problem that I have with Trump getting the Presidency and actually obtaining some sort of Muslim ban, albeit temporary, is that it might start a floodgate of them coming here. Useful idiot would do nothing to prevent that, or to protect us.

  • Maggat

    Nice going there Rona, you severely pissed me off. We got turdeau we don’t need another in the Conservative Party.

  • Ho Hum

    Fortunately Ambrose is only the interim leader but I am not convinced that the permanent leader will be any different. Lets face it Stephen Harper was a horrible failure when it came to Muslim immigration. By Ezra Levant’s own estimates over half a million Muslims came to Canada during Harper’s term in office. Curiously Levant has never been critical of Harper’s mass Muslim immigration even though Ezra has called for a pause in Muslim immigration. I wonder if Ezra will call out Ambrose for criticizing Trumps sensible Muslim immigration plan.

    The Conservative Party of Canada needs a total makeover from top-to-bottom. The truth is it has been nothing but a “Cuckservative” party. No doubt Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney thought that they could beat the Liberals at their own game. They thought they could flood Canada with over 500,000 Muslim’s and who knows how many 100,000’s of Sikhs, Hindus , Chinese, Filipinos etc.. Their vote-whoring plans backfired and in the last election the Conservatives did not win ANY heavily South-Asian ridings!

    If only 10% of the 500,000 Muslim Harper let into Canada are radicalized this means he brought in 50,000 “very bad dudes” (as Trump would say) in essence Harper’s actions were treasonous. How many young girls will be gang raped by Muslim men? How many heads will be chopped off? How many Canadians will be blown apart in future jihad attacks? These horrible things are going to happen. It is just a matter of time.

    By bringing 500,000 Muslims to Canada Harper only insured that future wins by a Conservative party are going to be much more harder to achieve if not impossible. If Harper brought in 500,000 Muslims during his term in office any guesses as to how many Trudeau will bring in? 1 Million? 2 Million? 5 Million? Every Muslim migrant Trudeau brings in is like a re-election insurance policy (premiums paid for courtesy the Canadian taxpayer).

    The Conservative party needs to be re-built focusing on immigration reform. No more Muslim immigration and drastic reduction of non-white immigration. Also it must focus of FREE SPEECH. We need to do away with “hate speech” laws if we want to remain a free democracy.

    I’m not hopeful that any of the needed reforms will every happen. Not only do we not have a conservative party in Canada we do not have a conservative media. Consider this. The Parliamentary reporter for the “conservative” Postmedia network is a goof named David Atkin. If you follow his twitter feed he is as left wing as anyone working for the CBC.