Progressive “Thought-Blockers”: Diversity

Encumbered with a fossilized illiberal ideology, progressives must rely on what Robert Conquest called “thought-blockers”––empty words and phrases that comfort and rouse the party faithful, and camouflage the lack of coherent argument, consistent principles, and empirical evidence. More important, these empty words and phrases that lie at the heart of progressivism are the tools for increasing the progressives’ political power and influence, at the expense of everybody else’s freedom.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    There is still hope, though…maybe, if the girl on the right keeps hitting herself on the head like that, eventually she’ll knock some sense into it.

    • Always a silver lining;)

    • WalterBannon

      unlikely, but there is hope that she may have an embolism and drop dead from repeated blows to the head

  • ontario john

    Leftists main goal has always been to destroy the West and its values. Whether its phony scams like global warming to transfer wealth, homosexual rights, or cozy relations with islam. One of their favorite tactics is to brain wash children at schools. The nazis and communists were famous for this. Now we have homosexuality taught as normal, environmental scams taught, and the latest effort was shown today. The whiny indian report came out today and schools must have courses that teach that European colonization and values were wrong in regards to the treatment of indians. As the speaker said today. European culture was not superior to indian life and culture.