Muslims ‘are allowed to leave UK so they don’t carry out attacks here’

Security services are allowing some Islamist extremists to leave the UK because of the risk of them carrying out attacks in Britain, it has emerged.

A senior counter-terrorism source said last night that police faced a dilemma over whether terrorists were more dangerous ‘home or away’.

He spoke after a court heard how Nadir Syed plotted a Remembrance Day attack in Britain after being prevented from travelling to Syria.


Tell me again, why does our political class think Islam is such a swell religion?

Why are they telling such an obvious lie?

  • Brenda

    Isn’t that what all sane people have been saying? Let them go to Syria. Then don’t let them come back.

    • I agree, it is the wisest course of action so long as their return is blocked.

  • Xavier

    I’ll say it again: make every act associated with terrorism a capital offense. There is no need to unleash them on the world to kill again, as Obama has done with the Guantanamo detainees. Finish them.

  • Rosenmops

    Encourage all Muslim’s to leave and never return.

  • Islamic theology is the problem.

    Deal with this reality or blood will flow.

  • luna

    It would be better to execute them on the spot, put them in forced labor camps, and/or harvest their organs. This is how China would do it.

    May be possible by enacting war powers, so that the crime of collaboration with the enemy would be sufficient.

    Unlikely though because Wikipedia & snopes agree Islam means peace.

  • Barrington Minge

    That’s OK by me as long as the retarded morons are not allowed back in…for any reason….forever.