Islam Class Probably Can’t Solve Landlord Dispute

You might think Donald Trump could use a crash course in Islam, but there’s no way to make him take it. A Massachusetts judge, however, faced with a convicted defendant who demonstrated anti-Muslim views, ordered her to take a class on Islam as part of her probation. Now the commonwealth’s Supreme Judicial Court will have to decide whether the sentence was an unconstitutional infringement of religious liberty or a common-sense, measure-for-measure matter of justice.

Mark Harding was sentenced to Islam in Canada by a useful idiot judge who knew nothing of the supremacist cult.

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  • Exile1981

    If the corse is picked by the judge it will be nothing but lies and falsehoodd. Now if it was taught by Spencer or Geller it might be useful.

    • That will work.

    • Brenda

      If it’s any consolation, the classes I took on Islam, taught either by devout Muslims or by flaming liberals, were what turned me off Islam.

      • Exile1981

        I was turned off by a guy in the patch who was muslim and tried to convert me everyday for 6 weeks and who didn’t drink during daylight hours because of ramadon and put everyone else on the crew in danger when he passed out from heat exhaustion and dehydration. 14 hours of working in the sun up north during a heat wave does not mix with ramadon.

  • “And although the state can’t require it, maybe Obi should take a long, hard look at Matthew 5:44.”

    Noah Feldman can shove it up his sanctimonious rectum.

    As an academic and public intellectual, Feldman is concerned with issues at the intersection of religion and politics. In the United States, this has a bearing on First Amendmentquestions of church and state and the role of religion both in government and in private life. Feldman’s other area of specialty is Islam. In Iraq, the same reasoning leads him to support the creation of a democracy with Islamist elements. This last position has been lauded by some as a pragmatic and sensitive solution to the problems inherent in the creation of a new Iraqi government;[6] others have taken exception to the same idea, however, characterizing Feldman’s views as simplistic and shortsighted.[7]

    Feldman was a featured speaker, alongside noted Islamic authority Hamza Yusuf, in the lecture Islam & Democracy: Is a clash of civilisations inevitable?, which was subsequently released on DVD. An excerpt from Feldman’s 2008 book, The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State, appeared in the New York Times Sunday Magazine and was attacked by Leon Wieseltier for “promoting” Islamic law as a “swell basis” for a political order. This, according to Wieseltier, amounts to “shilling for soft theocracy” and is hypocritical since Wieseltier presumes that neither he nor Feldman would actually choose to rear their own children in such a system.[8]

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Feldman would be most likely to tell his children, “Thank God I’m an atheist.”

      • He has time for Islamists but seemingly nothing except venom for Orthodox Jews. I question his priorities.

      • He has time for Islamists but seemingly nothing except venom for Orthodox Jews. I question his priorities.

        By the way, isn’t it racist and generally evil for a white guy to mansplain at a black woman?

  • moraywatson

    That’s odd! At the publicly funded universities around here an islamaphobe can’t take courses on islam even if they apply to do so.

  • pdxnag

    In this dysfunctional world he takes his Islam lessons to heart and then smites the neck of this Infidel judge while yelling Allahu Akbar.