Happy Anniversary Al Sharpton! It’s 20 Years Since He Incited The Firebombing Of Freddy’s

It seems as if, every time there is a death which can be re-engineered into a racial bias incident such as Michael Brown, for instance, that MSNBC host Al Sharpton finds a way to give the eulogy. But, in a proven case of bias which took place twenty years ago, the future advisor to President Obama and NYC Mayor DeBlasio was nowhere to be found. That is because Sharpton was one of the main causes of the hatred which led to fire bombing of Freddy’s Fashion Mart. He didn’t toss the firebomb, but the anti-Semitic and racial bias which came out of his mouth and out of the mouths of others while in his presence, produced the massacre as assuredly as if the fire was set with his hands.

h/t Xavier

  • JoKeR

    • I think Al’s star is on the wane. A new generation of grievance mongers are jostling for position.