Fighting Terrorism: French Edition

The French have been the subject of ridicule regarding their military capabilities. We, at some point, have poked fun of the French for their disasters abroad to the point where calling someone French insinuates the recipient of the slur is either weak, aloof, or both. Yet, to the contrary, the French military is quite capable to delivering devastating blows. Moreover, they’ve been at the forefront in combating terrorism long before our respective intelligence and law enforcement saw radical Islam as a threat to the United States; the 9/11 attacks electroshocked our national security apparatus into action. Then again, the lion share of techniques the French employ to combat terror would certainly be struck down as unconstitutional over here.

  • Xavier

    How do you write an article about how good the French are at combating terrorism and leave out the fact that they were trained by the Israelis?

    • Everyone Else

      how do you write an article about the weak French when they have a huge mega-weapon industry selling Mirage fighter jets and battleships including aircraft carriers that even Israel has bought as part of her nuclear-powered fleet

  • mauser 98

    …very interesting
    …Fighting Terrorism: British Edition

    Hackers trace ISIS Twitter accounts back to internet addresses linked to Department of Work and Pensions

    “Teenage computer experts unveil astonishing web of
    unpublicised interactions linking extremist social media mouthpieces to
    the British government”