Prosecutions prepared against founders of illegal extremist Muslim schools in Birmingham

The founders of three illegally-operating schools in Birmingham face being jailed after Nicky Morgan ordered inspectors to draw up a legal case against them.

Ofsted has been told to prepare cases for prosecution against all 18 unregistered schools it has discovered, and all future cases, in a fresh push to stop pupils being exposed to extremist ideology.

Chief inspector of schools, Sir Michael Wilshaw, has disclosed that three schools that offered a narrow Islamic-based curriculum using anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynistic material were shut down in the Midlands city last month.

  • canminuteman

    Parents knowingly sent their children to these schools knowing they where not official schools. Deport every family that sent their kids to these schools. They knew exactly what they were doing.

  • Gary

    The Mosque/Madrassa that Barbara Hall and Wynne approved in the Valley Park public school is illegal . Can’t wait to see them in cuffs doing the Perp walk when the students from the school and local mosque end up doing Jihad one day on the Subway and Buses .

    It was just a few year back when I was on a Eastbound Subway train ( around jane) that was almost packed and there were about 5 girls in dark outfits and black Hijabs .
    No big deal until they tried to go from car to car through the doors meant for TTC staff only. What the hell is someone to think when 5 muslims women in black covering and hijabs are bent on heading towards the front cars that had even more people.
    Are we suppose to tolerate this from muslims like some elite Master-Race above out laws??
    One day it may be suicide-bombers where the 4 of them make their way between cars as 1 of them stop at each cars to kill and injury people in 5 subway cars rather than just one.
    The mass-slaughter gives it that muhmmad touch .