While we weren’t looking, the Taleban surged back in Afghanistan

Amid all the chaos in the Middle East, the breakdown of borders and states, a new threat is fast emerging. The key strategic bulwark to stabilise the region is a strong Afghanistan. But after 15 years of occupation by western troops and a trillion dollars spent, it now appears to be going the way of the Levant.

  • simus1

    American government strategy in Afghanistan was little short of ridiculous. The fiction that Dumpsterstan was a loyal US ally and that all the Pathans required were some paved roads and drilled wells to be quiet. Tons of money brought almost zero return.

    Pathanistan should have been left to the CIA and USAF until they got the message and developed some manners. The people who showed some potential were to be found north of Kabul

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. we need to let it slide back into the Dark Ages and be forgotten.

  • Will Quest

    It wasn’t one giant leap for mankind but one small step for a vicious and vindictive flavour of sharia that transformed a relatively modern Afghani society of the 1960’s into one worshipping a malicious totalitarian ideology . A society that valued its beasts of burden more than they valued their woman, a society frightened to death by educated girls , while main-stream Islam { & IT’S ‘LIBERATED’ muslimahs!?!?} conveniently looked the other way ……… ….. ignoring their sisters being brutalized ……… from Afghanistan to Zanzibar, vast swatches of humanity are forcefully submitted ,in varying degrees, by backward , pernicious and vindictive divine laws…… sharia-is-sharia-is-sharia ,

    • Minicapt

      The ‘modern’ Afghani society was a temporary aberration. The Taliban are representative of traditional Afghanistan’s history.


  • Xavier

    No no no the Taliban is on the run. Preezy said so!