Time for the truth: Liberal voters duped

Now that the House of Commons has tucked itself in for a long Christmas nap, Canadians still rejoicing the defeat of the Harper Conservatives had best not hang their stockings by the chimney with any pre-notional care, and expect them to be filled with electoral promises kept.

Sorry Virginia, but if you were old enough to vote for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, then you are old enough to know the truth. You’ve been duped.

  • kkruger71

    I am curious how much of the anti-Harper/anti-Conservative support that voted Trudeau is soft. Unfortunately the only way we will find out is when we get a larger-scale attack targeting civilians here. Unfortunately I am not hopeful about what the response will be, I am guessing a lot of them will follow the media and double down on the need for multiculturalism/lone wolf/mental illness, or whatever excuse it away line they are fed at that point.

    • Alain

      Based on people I have encountered most were motivated by the anti-Harper campaign. That campaign had been carried out relentlessly by the media for almost ten years and went into top speed during the campaign. I think it was more anti-Harper than anti-Conservative with a lot of voters, based on lies and misleading information. Add to that the pathetic campaign by the CPC, the stroke of death was complete.

    • JoKeR
  • mauser 98

    they will never admit being being wrong ..like Wynne and Obummer voters.. same

  • cdnmohamhater

    the 1st nations have been screwed the worst. all that refugee money could have brought potable water systems to every reserve. of course they are too busy basking in the mmw inquiry which will end up giving them no more than we already know about the situation.