Robert Spencer Speaks In Toronto, December 2015

Robert Spencer Speaks In Toronto, December 2015.

His talk was presented by the JDL and nearly ended by PM Useful Idiot.

Get ready for a taste of the future.

  • Ho Hum

    I wondered what he was doing up here. I noticed in his interviews with FOX news last week he had the Toronto Skyline as the backdrop.

  • Ho Hum

    Re: the Syrian refugees that Trudeau and the Liberal caucus greeted at Pearson Airport I noted that ALL of them were CHRISTIAN!!

    Trudeau refuses to give Christians and other religious minorities priority but he is happy to cynically exploit them for his photo-op to be used to sell an INSANE refugee program that will be overwhelmingly MUSLIM!

    Unfortunately none of this is being reported by ANY of our media organizations. I don’t know if it is because reporters are dishonest or too stupid to see what is going on.

    As with Toronto – the first planeload of Syrian refugees to arrive in Montreal were also Christian! One of the refugees described the flight as an early Christmas present!

    Not only will none of the media call out Trudeau for his DISGUSTING deception neither will the Cuckservatives in Ottawa. Sickening!

    • Justin is slime.

    • Ron MacDonald

      All these refugees were cleared by Harper’s people, he had been bringing them into Canada quietly for several years. Zoolander and the Bitch couldn’t wait to take credit on TV even though they both had little to do with bringing them here.

      • Ho Hum

        If I was Stephen Harper I would draw attention to the fact that these are the Syrians that he was trying to bring to Canada and which the Liberal refuse to prioritize. The conservatives need to point out how deceptive these arrival ceremonies are. The media isn`t going to do it. Unfortunately the conservatives don`t stand up for themselves.

        • Gary

          Justin broke the Law that was approved by the SCOC where the Right to Privacy for a Refugee was to protect them from the people they fled or the Government.
          By parading the Christian refugees from Lebanon on TV Justin has ID’d them and made the a target for the islamists here in Canada or the Muslims that followed them here that can now track then down to kill.
          No Politician in the House as a MP can reveal the Name of a refugee or ID the person in a photo , they can only petition for aid to all refugees or ask that a File get special reviews.
          Olivia Chow broke the Law when she paraded around that US deserter that made a refugee claim in Canada and quick had a baby to assure her stay here.

          But the Media and Liberal Leftists lower the bar for their kind and don’t give damn if they get a refugee killed by exposing them on TV for Political capital.
          Justin has now taken Christian refugees away for the muslim oppressors in Iraq and Syria that hate them and might have killed them and merely moved them to Canada to be killed by muslims here when their Syrian Church get fire bombed or a suicide bomber goes it to do Jihad.

          Why bother having Laws if Liberals don’t have to obey them and even if they get someone killed they are never held responsible.

          Thank you Justin and Ralph Goodale, you just created a few Walking Dead refugees by parading them on TV to show the islamists that they are here now and it’s easier for them to aid ISIS by killing Christians in Canada .

  • Brett_McS

    Very pertinent speech by Robert, and unobtrusive videoing.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    This is a particularly important speech by Robert Spencer and, in a sane world, would be mainstream news in Canada and televised by all mainstream news networks. Thanks for posting! I wish a majority of Canadians could see it.

    Re: some of the contents, the concept of the ‘hijra’ (emigration) is very important to understand.

    • Petrilia

      I had no idea about emigration being one of the two ways for muslims to go to paradise. We all know too well about killing or being killed for Allah. This speech needs to be widely circulated, it was excellent. I hope he is wrong about this being his last speech in Canada. We ALL need to be the blades of grass to destroy the concrete which is now suffocating the Western World.

      • Brett_McS

        Same here.

  • truthdareisay

    BCF: Thanks very much for this video. I can now email some 90 people on my email list to further educate them and of course post this on FB so even more can see this. As was mentioned, the policy in ISIS’s mandate of emigration to the West is as frightening as it is of great importance for everyone to KNOW so that no one can plead ignorance of what is really going on.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Post on FB while you can. Apparently, Zuckerberg is inching closer and closer to banning perceived “hate speech” on his social network. Did you know that four days ago Erdogan friended Zuckerberg on Facebook?

      You can’t make this stuff up!

    • canuckistan666

      Better to go the mainstream media, CP, CTV, CBC etc and post the video. The problem with sharing on our own FB group and sending to our contacts is that we create an echo chamber. We need to get those people sitting on the fence to hear Robert Spencer. I liked how he ended his speech, on a positive note.

      • truthdareisay

        Thank you… for months now I have posted controversial postings and links like Robert’s video here to the “comments section of mostly CBC and the Toronto Star and have on occasion tweeted directly to Obama and Trudeau. The fact that I am still alive makes me believe Trudeau and Obama maybe don’t read their tweets from me 🙂 🙂

  • Ron MacDonald

    DEBKAfile: Saudi and Egyptian marines capture Iran-held island at Red Sea chokepoint

  • tamale

    Thanks for posting. It was a great event.

  • ed

    still banned from entering the uk along with pamala geller reason given , a risk to uk security , meanwhile ex gitmo terror-tard shaker amhed get`s royal treatment from the BBC [ed uk ] WTF

    • Brett_McS

      And could well be banned from Canada, as he speculated during his talk.

  • Gary

    It now makes sense for the brief interview he did with a US media outlet where he had the Toronto skyline for a backdrop , he was in Toronto at that time .