Radical Terrorism is not a Fairy Tale

Words Matter. They help make thought incisive and enable us to conceive of reality. Use the wrong ones and you’ll wander into never-never land, oblivious to the threat from radical Islamic terrorism. Our State Department is entrapped in this imaginary utopia. John Kerry is one its biggest fairies; Hillary Clinton is one of the malevolent mermaids.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If they haven’t yet become laughingstocks, they will by the time the election cycle has played out.

  • Gary

    Justin is surrounded by people that told him that islam is a religion of Peace which means that every terrorism act by a muslim can’t be linked to islam .
    The other big lie fed to Justin is that every person that speaks badly of islam or cites hateful verses from the quran must be islamophobes and racists.

    Ralph Goodale assured us that the 50,000+ msulims coming in as refugees would be vetted in Jordan first or any of the other UN Camps .
    Except that the media reported the first Plane load of refugees that arrived but would not be able to meet the Welcoming Org’s or access Social Services uintil they were cleared to be released to met by those waiting for them .
    Say What?????????
    We were assured that nobody would be able to parachute into Canada and put the onus on us to prove their NOT a refugee or NOT tied to ISIS and Jihad.
    Chalk this up to another Liberal LIE as if Chretien never left.

    **The brainless puppet in the photo bellow that says where ever you want when you pull his strings in on the Right .

    The main difference is that that Puppet had a successful TV .