Is Fatah planning the intifada?

There is a sense of despair among all pragmatic political factions in the Palestinian Authority (PA). Even the most moderate elements with good ties to the West have given up on the eventuality of a diplomatic process leading to a two-state solution. This is perceived by public opinion as a defeat for President Mahmoud Abbas and an achievement for Hamas.

A senior Fatah source in Hebron with good ties to the Tanzim (Fatah militia) told Al-Monitor on Dec. 4 on condition of anonymity that a battle has erupted between Fatah and Hamas as to who will lead a violent intifada against Israel. According to his analysis, there is nothing left anymore of the Palestinian national unity. Hamas is inciting the violence of the youth, and Fatah has imprisoned many West Bank Hamas operatives.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Another losing effort by the Arab leadership. If Israelis feel threatened, they will hit back hard.

    • Yes they will. And they should care nothing for what the rest of the world may say.

  • Minicapt

    It’s an attempt by the Arabs in battle-space preparation. Nothing new, nothing informative, no info on who gets what cash.


  • Ed

    Keep a sharp eye for “lining up the eye with the face mask” classes…