Egypt says ‘no evidence’ of terrorism in Russian plane crash

Egypt has said it still has no evidence to back up Moscow’s analysis that a “terrorist” attack had downed a Russian passenger plane at the end of October in the Sinai.

The vaguely worded statement released by Ayman el-Muqadam said the investigation committee so far has not found “any evidence” indicating foul play in the October 31 downing of the plane, killing all 224 people onboard, mostly Russian holidaymakers. The committee is “continuing its work,” it said.

  • There is no such thing as terrorism to a Muslim.

    As long as you are not a Muslim, it is always “justifiable” mayhem.

  • Xavier

    Egypt’s tourism industry is more important than infidel’s lives.

    • Med1

      King Tut would have to rise from the dead before I head that way for tourism!

    • You bet.

  • Xavier

    “Inferior Russian maintenance”

    • Read “Our tourism industry is now and forever in the shitter.”

      • Xavier

        Visit the land where the pyramids used to be! See the actual craters that ISIS left! Free radiation badges for tourists!

  • mauser 98

    Egyptian “investigators analysed the plane’s 38 computers and two engine computers and are currently checking the technical details”

    yikes … donkey carts , mud bricks still common there

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the border, …

    As the French would say, formidable!

  • bob e

    80 % of egyptian women have undergone FGM .. it matches the literacy rate.
    i really want to see the pyramids where the black american brain surgeon
    presidential candidate said da’ people stored grain ..

  • simus1

    Egypt is just playing word games by using “no rush to judgement” crash investigation protocols as their semantic umbrella.