When Camilla Paglia gets it right…

From Paglia at Spiked:

The problem with too much current feminism, in my opinion, is that even when it strikes progressive poses, it emanates from an entitled, upper-middle-class point of view. It demands the intrusion and protection of paternalistic authority figures to project a hypothetical utopia that will be magically free from offence and hurt. Its rampant policing of thought and speech is completely reactionary, a gross betrayal of the radical principles of 1960s counterculture, which was inaugurated in the US by the incendiary Free Speech Movement at the University of California at Berkeley. More.

Reality check: Paglia is often wrong, but when she gets it right, she really does.

In a world where increasing numbers have no skills anyone cares to pay for, many turn to marketing identities and grievances instead: social extortion and economic rent.

Who would want the feminist campus asshats in any position of responsibility?

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  • Frances

    The big problem is that these special snowflakes are graduating and moving into jobs and careers. And THEY HAVE NEITHER RATIONAL THINKING NOR COMMON SENSE. It’s all emotion, with no relevance to reality.

    Mind you, I place a fair bit of blame on the parents. Back in the day, we were fairly rigorous in demanding our offsprings live up to their potential (or, as one offspring puts it, “you will get into university or else”). We were actually being Biblical: “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required:”. Our offsprings all have their fair share of brains – for which we are grateful – and we insisted they make good use of said brains, both for their own careers and in volunteer work to help others. We also insisted that they apply common sense, beginning with career choices (as I remember, they all wanted to go in to theatre, to which my response was along the lines of “and how do you plan to feed yourself?”). All chose more practical options, to which they were all in their various ways admirably suited. They all enjoy and patronize the arts, but their “day jobs” – which keep them in house and home – are also areas where they can and do exercise their God-given talents.