We need Christianity more than ever in this Age of Atheists

Have we ever needed Christianity more than we do today? It’s a rhetorical question, for sure, because the loss of our faith and the inability to confront Islam have never been greater. When I was a little boy during the war, my mother assured me that if I believed in Jesus everything would be OK. This was during the Allied bombing on Tatoi, the military airfield near our country house where the Germans concentrated their anti-aircraft guns. My Fräulein, the Prussian lady who brought me up, was more practical. She handed me a beautiful carved knife that made me feel safer than my prayers ever did.

  • A scathing but pertinent article. While clamouring against belief, militant atheists underscore the emptiness in their positions and lives.

    • disqusW6sf

      You bet. Spectator UK is coming with up with good articles lately.

    • DD_Austin

      Islam is full of underscoring believers

      Christians destroyed themselves, they had it all, and threw it away
      Don’t blame atheists for Christianity’s downfall, the rot came from within.
      Gay priests, pedophiles, money laundering, “refugee” importing, progressive ism, feminism all church “causes”

      Frankly most “atheists” morals won’t allow them to stoop low enough to
      be part of the scams called “religions” today.

      However atheists are a nice soft target for spineless whiner losers to bitch about, rather than working to make Christianity respectable again.

      Dumping the RCC and freeing Constantinople would be a good start

  • ontario john

    Trouble in the West is, that only the evangelical churches still believe and promote the Christian faith. The liberal mainline churches like the Anglican Church and the United Church are only interested in whiny indians, global warming scams, and homosexuals. You don’t even have to believe in God in the United Church, which has atheist ministers.