The Left Won’t Shame the Gun Culture out of America

If the last decade of culture war has taught us anything, it’s that the Left has become extraordinarily good at shaming America into political change. On issues from same-sex marriage to transgender rights, once the Left persuaded itself of the proper course of action, the unified power of media, pop culture, and the academy proceeded to deliver the proper cultural scolding. America was divided into the good people and the bigots, and no one should respect a bigot.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    ‘Shame’ Sex Marriage?

    Yes, this shaming culture will eventually make us as ‘effed-up as all other shame cultures.
    Successful Western Europe cultures and North America are guilt based cultures.

  • V10_Rob

    Shaming works for same sex marriage and transgenderism in part because we are convinced that we are being unjust or violating their rights in some way. On some level, it creates doubt in many of our minds on the right, that to some degree they may be correct. How far we are prepared to go in balancing the law is a question of the individual, meaning plenty of grey areas and disunity.

    Trying to shame guns away is a tougher sell because the only rights being violated are our own, and we have little doubt as to when and how unreasonably and arbitrarily they are restricted. The premise that our right to protect ourselves is unjust and wrong has no traction. We may argue over minutia, like CCW requirements, but we stand united because the other side has made it repeatedly clear that their ultimate goal is a total ban. That’s why their usual divide and conquer tactics, such as trying to appeal more moderate gun owners, fails miserably.