Muslim Slavery Ring Busted In England

Kirklees Council’s human trafficking team played a part in smashing a Huddersfield ‘slavery’ gang, it has emerged.

Officials from the council’s safeguarding division uncovered intelligence that allowed police to snare Lockwood woman Nisa Ul Haq and her accomplices.

Ul Haq, a qualified legal worker, was convicted last week of human trafficking using three Huddersfield firms.

A jury at Leeds Crown Court heard the workers were often from a poor background and promised well-paid work in a tailors, giving them the hope of education for their children and a home in the UK.


Slavery is another aspect of Islamic culture our esteemed leaders expect us to accommodate.

  • Brett_McS

    My family on my mother’s side grew up in Huddersfield. I asked my mum one time whether she ever wanted to go back to England to visit. She said no, it has changed too much. I understood that to mean it is better to stick with the happy old memories than replace them with grim new ones. She was right.

  • roccolore

    So how many is this over the past few years?

  • Justin St.Denis

    But the British political elites have proven time and time again that British citizens make very good – even willing – slaves! Chickens have a tendency to come home to roost, haven’t they?