How Marine Le Pen is winning over the Muslim vote

‘Shock’ was the one-word headline on the front of Monday’s Le Figaro. France was bracing itself for a swing to the right in Sunday’s regional elections, but few imagined it would be quite as dramatic. Marine Le Pen’s Front National (FN) polled nearly 30 per cent of the vote in the first round of voting, ahead of Nicolas Sarkozy’s centre-right Les Républicains and the ruling Socialist Party, who trailed in third with 23 per cent. As it stands, the FN are on course to take control of six regions after Sunday’s second round, although the predictions are they will triumph in no more than three due to tactical voting.

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  • andycanuck

    I’ll believe it once I’ve seen it; and that assumes Moslem voter turnout is anything special in France and not e.g. 12% or the like.

  • Solo712

    According to the early results, it looks like everybody ganged up on Front National. No regional government for FN anywhere in sight. Too bad !

    • john700

      It seems that the author underestimated the stupidity of the French left.

  • Brenda

    Historical curiosity: Jean Marie Le Pen served as a second at the last duel fought in France, between two gay ballet impresarios: