Donald Trump Isn’t the Problem. Trump Derangement Syndrome Is.

My Facebook feed is inundated with indignant Republicans excoriating Donald Trump for his comments about Muslim immigrants.

This has been a recurring theme since Trump announced his candidacy last spring: Republicans who don’t like Trump express outrage over Trump’s off-color or problematic remarks and spend the next six news cycles distancing themselves from Trump.

What Trump’s Republican detractors don’t realize is that their Trump Derangement Syndrome is playing directly into the left’s hands.

  • Oil and beef

    Rex Murphy explains the Trump phenomena quite well. It’s not so much The Donald’s success as it is the system’s failure.

  • Brett_McS

    This TDS is getting tedious. Hehehe.

    • mobuyus

      The TDS community will have their STD stained panties in a knot and it will be a pleasure to watch Trump shut their fat platitude spewing yaps.

      • bob e

        ooohh rahhh !!

  • Doug Kursk

    What proof do the pundits have that Trump’s plans for Muslims will “never materialize”? If anything, Trump is going to attempt to do it because he has stated he will…people should realize that this is a man who extemporizes in public, and works his plans.

    Successful men and women get ahead because they do what they say, and once their mind is made up, devote a great deal of mental and physical capital to the idea to see it through.

    Additionally, does anyone doubt that Trump would not hesitate to build a wall both North and South?

    • Trump’s talk about Islam is long overdue. The rest of the RINOS and the leftist fools refuse to directly address the Islamic theology issue.

      All it is going to take is another jihad attack or two and Trump will be unstoppable.

      Even my liberal friends “sorta admit” something is wrong with Islam. And a large portion of the uncommitted vote most likely wants to see something done in relation to Islamic terrorism.

      The liberal prognosticators are going to be eating crow.

      • WalterBannon

        All it is going to take is another jihad attack or two and Trump will be unstoppable? I think it will take some pretty big attack for things to change. The current treasonous scumbags running the country have a pretty tight lock on the system and the useful idiots.

        • Trump is playing the media like a pro. His Muslim speech came just days after the SB attack.

          One more Islamic terror attack, and the other guys will be “also runs”.

    • Minicapt

      Trump is the 169th richest person in the US in 2015.
      One of Donny’s intended triumphs was to be the rebuilding of Pennsylvania Station in NYC.
      After 40 years of hard work and deal making, the Trump empire is NYC is six buildings worth more than $100mill.
      He does have a number of golf courses, and his sumptuous business jet is only third-hand.


      • Clink9


        • Minicapt

          He is unexceptional, save for his tendency to volubility.


    • WalterBannon

      Trump’s plans for Muslims falls far short of what is needed but is far better than what anyone else has proposed.

  • Xavier

    Trump hasn’t proposed anything that’s illegal or original; in fact, what he’s suggested is far more moderate than the actions that FDR and Carter actually took. Blame the media.

  • Xavier

    Why doesn’t American Slow-Thinker write an article about how terrorist attacks in the US are proving Trump right and bolstering his popularity?

    Domestic Islamic terrorism will cure Republican TDS, and there isn’t any shortage of the antidote.

  • mauser 98

    Muslims land in Mexico.. stroll across the border

  • Xavier

    Secretary of State John Kerry says Donald Trump’s
    call for banning entry of Muslims into the US ‘endangers national
    and is ‘against who we are as Americans’

    • Alain

      Wow, you really cannot make this insanity up.

  • Tanya

    The leftist are running scared! If by some chance of GOOD fortune Trump becomes President all their leftist big brother visions of a world without freewill and free spirit will go straight out the door. With these tool heads it is either their way or else. AKA Obama!

  • pdxnag

    I do wish that Trump would bring an audience of 40 million to a course entitled:
    “Islam 101, Islam is not a Religion of Peace.”

    We have lots of resources today who could put it together. Just one —

  • Thinking From First Principles

    Trump needs to make a clear statement:
    ‘Some are concerned that my position will start a religious war. They are wrong. The religious war has already been started by those who have been attacking us, and continue to attack us in the name of Islam. Their war on us is not hidden – it is openly declared. I am merely acknowledging the obvious, and proposing that we actually take reasonable steps to defend ourselves.’

  • john s

    So maybe some americans here can educate me on something. What exactly would be different had Obama not won the election in 2008? What if he had lost in 2012? I mean, the Republican have the house end senate now, what is different? How much more freedom and fiscal responsibility was enjoyed under Bush?
    Trump matters because thanks to him, this election might actually matter. Without trump there would be no Cruz. Without trump the GOP would be drumming up another middle of the road, progressive rino, ready to stumble and apologize his way to another electoral defeat. As far as I am concerned republicans ought to kiss trumps feet. Distasteful, yes but better than the establishment hacks puckering up to kiss Hilary ass.

  • Barrington Minge

    Funny really. Where I come from a “Trump” is the noise made from the rear end as a good curry passes through.
    Come to think of it I suppose a “Trump” could the noise coming from an arsehole!!