Chrissie Hynde writes like an angel on angel dust

We played a lot of student places… every time I would just berate students for the hell of it. I could see people walking out in disgust, but I couldn’t help myself. The more I’d tell myself not to, the worse it got. I was eventually telling whole audiences to ‘Go fuck yourselves!’ whenever I’d smell a burger van.

  • Dana Garcia

    Best song on globalization. Ever.

    I went back to Ohio
    But my city was gone
    There was no train station
    There was no downtown
    South Howard had disappeared
    All my favorite places
    My city had been pulled down
    Reduced to parking spaces
    Ay, oh, way to go, Ohio

  • AlanUK

    A potted history of the Telegraph Road, Detroit:
    (One of many live versions)
    66 years old and still one of the greatest composer (wrote all of Dire Straits output) guitarists and singers combined. Able to attract some of the finest Rock/country musicians.

    • Clausewitz

      Check out his work with Chet Atkins. Superb.

      • AlanUK


        Mark Knopfler freely admitted that he was strongly influenced by Chet Atkins in using a picking style of playing. I return, Atkins seems to have been influenced by Knopfler, for example, in their joint album Neck and Neck. Two singles won Music Awards. A quote from Wiki article on Neck and Neck (but there might still be some truth in it …)

        “Working with Dire Straits guitarist Mark Knopfler had a rejuvenating influence on Chet Atkins. Knopfler has Atkins moving toward his country roots, but both guitarists still play with a tasteful, jazzy sensibility—however, Atkins has abandoned the overt jazz fusion pretensions that sank most of his ’80s records.[2]”
        All a matter of opinion, of course …

    • canminuteman

      I saw him do a show at Massey Hall in Toronto a few years ago. Never did get to see Dire Straits, but the show was mostly old Dire Straits material. Love the guy. I was at school in Thunder Bay when the Love Over Gold album came out, and in my mind the Telegraph Road is the long lonely drive up highway 17 to Thunder Bay you’ve never been to Ontario that probably means nothing to you, but if you’ve driver that highway you would understand.

  • Doug Kursk

    Oh, the stories that could be told of a young Chrissy Hind…like the time she got up and tried to join the Clash onstage (unwanted, natch..) and was booed off by the fans, whereupon she drunkenly collapsed onto a pile of garbage cans, sobbing and vomiting.Good times!

    This was all before the deaths of half the band due to OD’s, and I believe reported in an early (1979?) edition of Trouser Press magazine.