The Donald has nowhere to go but up with blacks and Latinos.

How Trump Can Win the General Election

I don’t take it as a foregone conclusion that Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination this year, but it’s looking more likely than ever with his new pause on Muslim immigration so popular with GOP voters. It’s even looking likely he will win on the first ballot at the convention.

Is this a catastrophe for the Republican Party?

  • Every new Islamic terror attack will bring Trump tens of thousands of new votes.

    Go Donald.

    Thanks for braking the PC curtain on Islam.

    • Gary

      The media and Liberals think that the SB slaughter was a 1-off and had nothing to do with islam.
      BULL , they have been pounded into submission by Obama and CAIR that islam is a religion of Peace which means that every jihad by muslims can’t be tied to islam.

      But since CAIR was exposed in 2008 for funding hamas terrorism and that they handed out Leaflets as a subtle threat to not help the FBI nab their Jihadist brothers fighting in allah’s cause for the Caliphate……..I expect more mass slaughters by muslims which will bury Obama and kill Hillary’s shot for the President.
      Hillary still wears the benghazi slaughter plus her LIE to protect Obama by the story that the YouTube video caused the attack.

      Obama and CAIR are right inside the FBI and DHS which means that if any muslim rats on the Jihadists it will be easy for CAIR to find out who did it so they can be tracked down and punished.

      • lolwut?

        Is there anywhere with a copy of that pamphlet you can actually read?

    • The unpredictable is the Latino vote. Two of his top contenders — Cruz and Rubio — are both from families that escaped communist Cuba.

      • Clinton

        It’ll be interesting then to see who he selects for a

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Trump has not run out of controversies to stir up. I predict that at some point in his campaign, he will call Obama a closet Muslim jihadist and his popularity will further surge.

    • You are probably right on that.

      And that will be BIG.

  • lolwut?

    TYT is pretty fucked but Cenk says says what everyone is thinking.
    People are tired of career politicians and they are shitting their pants over Trump.

  • Brett_McS

    What would be a catastrophe for the Republican Party would be for the leadership to use dirty tricks to keep Trump from winning the nomination.

    • Clausewitz

      Never underestimate the need for RINO’s to steal the convention through dirty tricks and outright lies. Hell the Democrat’s with their super delegates are already in the tank for Clinton whether she wins any of the upcoming elections or not. I wouldn’t put it past the establishment Repub’s to do the same thing.

    • Clinton

      Agreed. I suspect the mandarins of the RNC leadership would
      rather lose to Hillary than see the election of a Republican
      candidate they couldn’t control.

  • mauser 98