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The crisis of characterIdentity politics and the death of the individual.

Nothing speaks more profoundly to the crisis of character than the phrase, ‘I identify as…’. In the past, individuals were. ‘I am a builder.’ ‘I am a mother.’ ‘I am a Jew.’ There was a confidence, a certainty, to their sense of identity, and to their declaration of it. ‘I am.’ Today, individuals identify as something. ‘I identify as working class.’ ‘I identify as non-binary.’ Or, in the notorious case of Rachel Dolezal, the American white woman who effectively blacked-up as she rose up the ranks of the NAACP, ‘I identify as black’. The rise of the i-word in our definition of ourselves, the ascendancy of what is called ‘self-identification’, is one of the most notable developments of the 21st century so far. It speaks to a shift from being to passing through; from a clear sense of presence in the world to a feeling of transience; from identities that were rooted to identities that are tentative, insecure, questionable.

James Brown – It’s a Man’s World, Paris 1967

  • Minicapt

    Wait till they discover that identifying as a woman when you are a man, and vice versa, may be a significant cause of death.


  • Xavier

    I identify as a follower of Charles Martel.

  • ontario john

    Heather Mallick is upset! Yes, in a brilliant piece of journalism in the Saturday Toronto Star, Mallick is outraged that some right wing bigots are negative about Turdeau being in Vogue magazine. According to her, conservatives like evil Harper and anti abortionists always dress like the peasants they are. Why she is so happy with the Trudeaus, that she has gone out and bought a new designer outfit. Yes, the elites in downtown Toronto and Montreal know how to dress and run the country.

    • canminuteman

      You have the stomach to read the Toronto Star? I’d need blood pressure medication if I put myself through that.

    • Clink9

      Trulander gets in Vogue his first month. This will be a long 4 years.

      • Xavier

        I’ll see your Vogue and raise you a Nobel Prize.

        • Clink9

          Bet the farm on it.

        • Exile1981

          Who cares if he wins it; it’s not as if it has any value after obama, arafat and gore got one…. and he could always be like his caninet minister and just lie about getting one.

    • ntt1

      Any guesses how much retail therapy would be required to fix malicks deep psychosis?could it alone destroy the deficit?

  • Tokenn

    Long article, so I just kind of skimmed it. However it looks like some _very_ trenchant thinking and commentary regarding one of the core dysfunctions of modern culture, and deserves some thoughtful study. Bookmarked…

    • Tokenn

      After a nice cup of mocha and a careful rereading, I pronounce this article as deep, profound and IMPORTANT. Thank you, BCF, for bringing this to our attention. We engage in a lot of hit-and-run criticism of cultural Marxism [I’m still not quite sure what that _means_, although I know what it refers to], but a really thorough, thoughtful and striking-at-the-roots kind of critical examination isn’t common at all. HIGHLY recommended.

  • DMB

    Mental illness is contagious!

  • perla
  • Spatchcocked

    I identify as Pogo the Clown….