My week in the hell of the Jungle

Murder. Extortion. Dysentery. A terrifying dispatch from Calais’ ever-growing camp of migrants dicing with death to reach Britain

Even in this vast shanty town, the tent stands out.

A message, scrawled in paint down one side, reads, ‘I Need Go To UK’, a few words in broken English that encapsulate the entire raison d’etre of the migrant encampment at Calais.

Inside the ramshackle shelter is a bearded middle-aged man wearing nothing on his feet but flip-flops. His name is Haji Shekho. He is Syrian, he says, through a friend fluent in English.

He shows me his passport and says he is a builder from Aleppo — a city devastated in the civil war and under almost constant Russian bombardment. His wife and five young children are still in Syria.

It’s not possible for them to make the perilous journey through eight countries which meant paying people-traffickers 1,000 dollars (£672) to cross the Aegean Sea to mainland Europe.

  • tom_billesley

    The squalid city is entirely their own creation. Raqqa-sur-Mer.

    • Seneca III

      Murder, Extortion and Dysentery? Well, nothing new here then, Tom, as it is and has always been the way of Islam and the only solution, and the one that will determine our continued survival, is the serious application of draconian vermin control procedures. And I mean serious as the time for useless pussy footing and kowtowing to the now totally discredited concept of ‘integration’ is long passed for everyone one of us who have more than two neurones, be they connected or otherwise.

  • simus1

    These people belong in internment camps until they establish their bona fides or are sent back at their point of origin

    • ntt1

      Third world builders have learned to cut out much of the cement portion of concrete as a thrifty cost cutting measure . buildings are erected with as little as 6 to 1 mix ratio, literally houses of sand.he might have a bright future with Quebecois mafia overpass builders

    • canminuteman

      If it’s safe enough for his wife and kids to be back there, it’s safe enough for him. Besides, he’s a builder so since his city was destroyed by his fellow Syrians, there should be lots of work for his there rebuilding the place.

      • Millie_Woods

        My thoughts exactly. His story didn’t elicit any sympathy from me.

  • tom_billesley

    $1000 won’t get you to “mainland Europe”, just 5 km across the channel to Lesbos. Most will travel on to the mainland on ferries provided by the Greeks. They don’t wish to become Lesbians. The folks back home wouldn’t understand.

  • G

    “…his passport and says he is a builder from Aleppo — a city devastated in the civil war”

    Hey buddy, you assholes in the middle east have been acting like hysterical nutcases and killing each other for 6000 years but we are supposed to assume the warfare & violence is nothing more than the action of a few malcontents and not blame you?

    Also, when YOU want to come here we are supposed to get all giddy and welcome you with open arms? Go to hell.

  • BitterClinger

    I hope he dies of dysentery and his breeder and baby jihadis are killed by bombs, starvation, flesh eating disease, anything really. I’m not picky.

  • Exile1981

    His story doesn’t ring true. If it’s too dangerous then why leave the family behind in the capital of ISIS? Where his kids will be either sex brides or his sons turned into child soldiers. With him running off his property is no longer his it reverts to ISIS as he fled. That means his family is destitute as they would be evicted out of the house. In that case his wife likely has been forced to accept a new jihadi husband his daughters sold as brides and his sons are child suicide bombers.

    So I see two possible options on what the truth is.

    1) He’s an ass and abandoned his family and figured they would just slow him down as he fled and left them to starve…. making him an ass and not the kind of person we want in the west.

    2) He was honest about the danger to his family but lied about what it is. He is an ISIS soldier and wants his family back in ISIS lands for safety why he goes off to perform jihad in the west.

  • simus1

    The “Free Syrian Army” have no doubt now assured Putin they are not Turkish lackeys and they now very much regret any impression they may have given earlier along those lines . Father Putin in turn will no doubt be generous to a fault with his new helpers.
    Emperor Barry and Sultan erdogan on the other hand …………………?