But does it matter what the American public thinks?

From Mark Steyn, who said that Donald Trump does not sound to most Americans as nutty as John Kerry:

A few listeners/readers/viewers wrote to say they doubted my confidence in “most Americans”: Even conservatives were so beaten down by political correctness they would side with the media, the Democrats, and all the respectable Republicans (Jeb!, Kasich, Lindsey Graham, etc) in being utterly horrified by the proposal. Well, we now have some numbers:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 66% of Likely Republican Voters favor a temporary ban on all Muslims entering the United States until the federal government improves its ability to screen out potential terrorists from coming here. Just 24% oppose the plan, with 10% undecided.

Among all voters, 46% favor a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, while 40% are opposed. Fourteen percent (14%) are undecided…

Fifty-nine percent (59%) of voters believe it is too easy for foreigners to legally enter the Untied States. Only 10% believe it is too hard, while 23% say the level of difficulty is about right.

As they say on Broadway, nobody likes it but the public. More.

Reality check: But does that matter? The more people depend on government to feed, clothe, and house them and make them feel good about themselves, the less likely their opinion can matter much, unless it serves the interests of their minders.

If they are even concerned about their personal safety in an age of global terror groups, they are “bigots,” and will increasingly feel themselves to be so. After all, who said anyone had a right to live, if they interfere with the assumed rights of someone more important? Didn’t we settle that a long time ago?

It’s no use complaining that the government we pay taxes to ignores our safety if we are in fact tax negative.  Over time, numbers matter.

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    You’re damn right it matters. Staying alive comes ahead of paying our bills, and we don’t want government bureaucrats playing Russian roulette with us no matter how many tax breaks we get. That is why Donald Trump is holding his own long after he was supposed to self-destruct.

    • The numbers for Trump are pretty good right now.

      All it is going to take is another Islamic terror attack or two and his numbers will look astounding.

      At the same time the democrat “religion of peace” crap will make the dems look like a bunch of incompetent fools.

      A couple of Islamic terror attacks and the dems will lose BIG.

      Sorry dems, you have bet on the wrong horse. And you will pay dearly.

  • Shebel

    Every time a Muslim is forced to KILL a few of us —
    I say to myself— ” Why don’t we just Submit and live in Peace”.
    And then—I think about the Jews .

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  • Hard Little Machine

    Not to the government it doesn’t, no.

  • tom_billesley

    What’s the percentage that support a permanent ban?

  • Brian Jones

    The 10% who think it’s too hard to legally enter the USA must be thinking of cases like that German homeschooling family and other total non-threats who actually want to contribute. It seems to me the more useful and non-troublesome you will be to the nation, the harder it will be to get it.

    For example, I seem to recall Gavin McInnes talking about it taking many years and thousands of dollars for him to be able to move to New York and start creating jobs. But it was apparently quite easy for Mrs. San Bernadino Shoot ‘Em Up to get in.